More from Michael Bay: "Blu-ray suits my films better"

Director Michael Bay posted this message on the Official Michael Bay forums:

"Does anyone here want to challenge what I feel suits my films better in terms of look? I see every frame of my films over a hundred times before it is ever released. I know the lighting conditions I shot it and the result on the DI. I know the range. I know what the final product should look like - Blu-ray suits my films better. But that said - I don't care about this format war because I have both formats in my screening room - I'm just filling you in on what people deep in the film industry feel what ultimately is going on."

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gamesblow3823d ago

Gotta love hios convictions and I agree with him 100%... I wonder if he has a special Blu-ray transfer of his Transformers movie pressed for him? I know it's not uncommon for directors to do things like this... For instance, Peter Jackson has a special edition version of his King Kong movie that he pressed himself with nearly 1 hour and 30 mins of material woven into the original transfer.

I bet Bay has Transformers on Blu-ray.

TheHater3823d ago

of course he does. Let hope that it will be release sometime in the future.

HowarthsNJ3823d ago

Then I got to *actually* see the film on DVD and I didn't care anymore.

My expectations were too high maybe.

I thought Prime and the other Autobots would be the hard-ass John Wayne types of the old series and comics. They were neutered in this version and reduced to comic relief.

No big guns, no power punches, no anything.

Maybe next time.

KIDD3823d ago

Hey is just pissed that he is not making more money off having the DVD released on both formats... I'm sure that Dreamworks will be replacing him for the second movie...

Silver3603823d ago

The playback quality depends upon the video coding,so how does the amount of storage effect the quality of the picture? I mean is the difference of 20 gigs that important at this point?

deeznuts3823d ago

Silver360, the answer is in your question. With more space, the video coding can be done at a higher bitrate, thus improving video quality.

Also note, because of the limited space Hi Res Audio was not included either.

Monchichi0253822d ago

This site is full of stupid fanboy Haters. all you come in do on this site is hate, hate hate....ON EVERYTHING! I grew up watching Transformers and can say it was a good movie. Numbers agree with me because people kept returning to the movies and bought have been buying Huge numbers DVD's. Just because the movie didn't live up to your dorky expectations doesn't mean it sucked.

I don't care for Micheal Bay but can say I enjoy his action movies. They are aimed for the mass market, not to appeal to hating geeks as the ones I hear bashing the movie.

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HeavyRaines173823d ago

I actually think his films look better when they are covered in dog-poo.

Michael Bay < Anyone else

HarryEtTubMan3823d ago

He's directed The Rock, Pearl Harbor, Transformers, Broken Arrow, The Island,Armagedon and many many more... what have you accomplished in your life time? How to talk sh!t on N4G? NO ONE wants the crappy DVD version 2.0.

The future is Blu. It has already won.

Kaneda3822d ago

I thought John Woo did Broken Arrow...

Daver3823d ago

Even if Transformer looks great even on Dvd... it wont make me buy the movie... i will wait for a Bluray release and im sure some people are doing the same...

SmokeyMcBear3823d ago

i rented the movie on dvd, ripped.. encoded to mp4, and have it on my external hdd, in case i want to see any more blasphemy at the transformers, god damn gm cars... jazz is a freaking porsche.. stupid movie.

BlazinEurasian3823d ago

Smokey, Jazz was a Pontiac Solstice, not a Porsche.

Marceles3823d ago

lol...i never thought I'd see the day a Pontiac was mistaken as a Porsche, that's either a good thing for Pontiac or a bad thing for Porsche

SmokeyMcBear3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

wow you guys are really dumb.. ok.. i might be old school.. but he was a porsche.. growing up, he was a porsche... i still have his action figure... he was a god damn porsche.. they make this stupid movie, and because of the gm license, he is a stupid solstice, an absolute crap car. Jazz will always be a porsche to me, no matter what this stupid movies tell us. Ironhide was a jeep, not some stupid hummer. This just tells me that you guys are like 12 years old and don't know where transfomers came from. And there will only one real Transformers: The Movie, not this michael bay crap.

edit.. yeah don't get me wrong, although im still pissed at the direction of the movie, it still had plenty of action sequences, and had lots of transforming, something i was worried it would lack, but cmon, almost no decepticon coverage, unless you count that stupid spikey guy, and the scorpion, until the last battle sequence, and i couldnt get over optimus primes face.. the older was much better. They did have some nods to the old school, the humor of it, optimus' battle ax, i wanted to see more starscream, and the sound was really well. but im still kinda pissed at it, i waited so long for it, i might have had my expecation too high, i had to watch the original after.

power0919993823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Smokie is aware that it was a Pontiac. He is reffering to the original Transformer show.

Jazz was a Porsche 911 Turbo. Bumblebee was a VW Bug. Prime was a flat face Rig. So on a so forth...

BTW: I agree that the GM license kind of ruined the movie for that reason.... However I actually really enjoyed the movie itself.

Torch3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

No Smokey's right; he was referring to the ORIGINAL Transformers characters:

Jazz was a white 911 Turbo...there's even an inside joke in the movie, where father and son pass by a Porsche dealer, with the kid thinking that his dad was going to buy him a Porsche.

Same goes for Bumblebee, who was originally an outspoken yellow VW Beetle (and yet another reference is made in the movie.)

I enjoyed Transformers, but the massive alteration of characters (read: cash whoring from GM) ruined it a bit for me.

Edit @power091999

LOL, your comment is an exact paraphrase of mine.


beoulve3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

I wonder how old are those who LOL at smokey. funny those who LOL got LOL back.

BlazinEurasian3822d ago

I know the original Jazz was a porsche. In the context of your post you are refering to the movie, so I assumed you were still talking about the movie. I agree tho, Jazz being a solstice is lame. Jazz being a douchebag thug was even lamer.

tigerranger3822d ago

Great References that come out of the movie. However, you are forgetting that when Jazz became a Soltice at the side was a Porsche, and when he came on top of the building it said Porsche even the light burned out. The bug was not used because VW was anal about promoting violence because they believe in Peace. You can thank Hitler for Volkswagen doing the peace thing.

hardcorehippiez3822d ago

i will buy this movie when it comes to blu until then no purchase.

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Xbox is the BEST3823d ago

have both in my crib on a 1080P Aquos and I can't tell the difference in PQ.

Killjoy30003823d ago

judging by your name i find it hard to believe that you have bluray. im not critisizing you im just saying....

Xbox is the BEST3823d ago

room mate has a PS#3 we watch movies on both formats.

FordGTGuy3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

With Blu-Ray.

BTW Blu-Ray is a medium and won't look any better then any other kind of medium because its a medium. Now if we were talking formats that would be a different story altogether.

Lol Someone actually disagreed with me.

Hey buddy a medium is a storage device aka Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, DVD, CD, Flash Drive and HDD. A format is totally different

antoinetm3822d ago

i read somewhere that the transfer rate of a Blu ray disc is higher then HDDVD, so that would mean better quality.