“If Todd Howard's taken an ounce of inspiration from us, I’ve taken a pound from them” Ken Levine

Speaking to PlayStation Access Ken Levine has talked about the creative process and influences between other games. When asked a reader question about similarities between Bioshock and Skyrim’s “magic in one hand weapon in the other” set up, Levine said, “There is a constant back and forth”.

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da_2pacalypse2326d ago

Ken Levine is awesome. his products are always great! If Ken and Todd were to ever make a game together... ohhhh baby!

burgerman2325d ago

Here's a list of the games he's worked on.

He's a small step above Tim Schafer. His games range from okay to good and is always a generation behind(except Bioshock.) But then again, Tim Schafer games are overrated, critic candies too.

Leonesaurus2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Ugh, sorry. But Ken Levine brought us BioShock, and that alone makes him fucking awesome. And now he's back to bring us a fresh, new experience with BioShock Infinite.

Overrated is insulting not only to him but fans of his team and his games. You should be more respectful. If you aren't a fan of him or his work then I ask the simple rhetorical question of, why bother commenting or even getting the will to even look at an article featuring him and Todd Howard?

I say power to Ken Levine and his team on the new BioShock and power to Todd Howard and his awesome team for giving us Skyrim.

burgerman2325d ago

He is overrated and over covered. Every little Tweet or sh*t he makes gets blog attention.

Can we just get coverage of new images or clips and not a 10 word quote that has nothing to do with BI?

Also, this is the first time I've seen this guy say anything positive about anyone else in the gaming industry.

Iroquois_Pliskin2325d ago

Well, can you make a better game?

zero_cool2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

At least ken levine's games weren't over hyped broken filler filled games like todd howard's games were so if anybody is over rated it's todd howard his games!

da_2pacalypse2325d ago

lol skyrim is goty with or without the glitches... That's how good it was!

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