Special Report: Crossing borders, part two

The final part of a two-part in-depth report -- how other countries are feeling the 'games drain' from Canada's policies, and how they are fighting back.

Considering the significant benefits to companies making games in Canada, many have set up a studio or base there. EA, Ubisoft, Koei, Capcom, and most recently, Eidos, have all opened a Canadian studio.

Even more companies are considering opening offices in Canada, or even moving lock, stock, and barrel over there. David Braben, chairman of UK-based Frontier Developments, hardly surprisingly given his praise of the Canadian model, admits that he is seriously considering a move. He told GameSpot, "We'd be foolish not to consider it."

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Boink3877d ago

everthings better in canada.


snoop_dizzle3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

robin williams seems to think differently :P

btw i am joking. :)

clevernickname3877d ago

Much like Robin William's comedy, his reflections on Canada are straight out of the 1970s.

toughNAME3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I found out Bioware was Canadian a few months this?

Canada: Land of the GREATLY under appreciated


"Why is it only our country that has to fight in the Middle East, Canada should send some troops in!"

- last week over xbox LIVE


you guys arent very bright are you...I'm Canadian..a very proud one at that
thats a quote i heard from some american kid a couple weeks ago

creeping judas3877d ago

thats a very short sighted comment. do you really think americans are the only ones fighting in the middle east. Canada has one of the largests army presences in the area right after USA. Theres English there, theres Australians there, there are few platoons from the Scandinavian countries.

its not just your country fighting there.

OOG FunK3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

plus not everyone in canada believes in the war or your president

"""ooooo snappp my bad""" lol but still is relevant

creeping judas3877d ago

allright toughname, ill take it all back. it was just a bit misleading is all. bubbles at you.

rgun3877d ago

I live in Toronto and have been happily watching the videegame industry boom here as I finish up my degree in game design ;)

Polluted3877d ago

Canada rules. This coming from a guy who endured a foot and a half of snow fall in one night last week. Montreal seems to be a real hotbed for game design and animation lately.