Gamer 2.0 Reviews Rock Band

"With their departure from the Guitar Hero series, Harmonix took the chance to make the game they've always wanted to make. Instead of replicating just one part of the band, they decided to bring friends together to make music as a Rock Band. With an emphasis on multiplayer that comes with a high price barrier, does Rock Band manage to rise to superstardom or does it fall prey to chasing the dragon forever?"

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CrashSpyro1233941d ago

You have to ask yourself "Do you have enough Rock in you to own Rock Band?" first.

Syko3941d ago

You won't regret buying either, It's a great game. Not as much fun without 3 or 4 people though. So don't get in a big fight with your bandmates, lol

AnthonyPerez3941d ago

I really loved playing the drums, personally

FilippoDinolfo3941d ago

Going to be a while before I get it, but I'm really looking forward to it. Nice stream of DLC coming too.

AmpedMan3941d ago

Honestly, after dishing out $100 for GHIII, I can't afford Rock Band. Besides, it seems difficult to get that many people together every time you want to play it. I know there's solo modes, but GHIII just fits my gameplaying tendencies better (i.e. solo)