Wii tops November's 'most searched for', DS second

Nintendo's Wii was the most searched-for product in November, according to a survey of British online shoppers, reports Reuters. DS came in just behind at the second most searched for product.

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PS3 Limps on and on3853d ago

the PS3 is outselling 360 worldwide. VG chartz is just crazy.

Pl4ybwoi3853d ago

Wii may be the most searched console for the british, but i'm not so sure for other countries, australia, france, caribbean that's where ps3 is leading right now.

KeiZka3852d ago

Very interesting notion. Do you have any data to back up that claim you just made?

KeiZka3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Sluggish site these days, I must admit. Yet I will not relent, ever! (who can find that quote and from where?)