Console XP: Crysis 2 Review

Zhill Olonan wrote "One look at Crytek’s latest game and you can immediately tell it is a step up from the first Crysis. Continually hailed as the greatest looking game of all time, the fact that Crysis 2 tops the first is quite an achievement. Sunlight cascades down onto buildings, creating gorgeous shadows that move and shimmer with the light. Explosions burst into flames, sending debris into the air that shake your screen. Streets slowly tremble as you walk, and a few seconds later gets thrown apart as an earthquake tears through New York City. The amount of polish in Crysis 2 is one of the generation’s best, with only games like the Uncharted series that match its quality and detail. But does the gameplay complement the breathtaking graphics? The short and sweet answer is hell yes."

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MizTv2142d ago

i loved this was badass from start to end and looked real good also

rattletop2142d ago

they take almost 9 months to review a game? cool

GirlsGeneration2142d ago

lol I know right, i must say these guys a pretty quick on reviewing games....

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