This Week in Gaming: The MyArcadePlanet Game Report

Releases, Setbacks, exclusives, Orange Box, video downloads, and more inside this issue of the MyArcadePlanet Game Report. Join us as we take a look at this week in gaming and just some of the items making news this week.

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cain1413757d ago

I want to see something more than the silver... But don't take away what they get to tell me I'm getting more...

Grasty3757d ago

I do not have a xbox but I can definately see why this may cause some stir among xbox owners. Its the whole idea of taking away something you already have and then saying, well you can still have it ..... but you have to give us more.

cain1413757d ago

I honestly wish the would create some form of deticated severs for games we play, but then again, that has a whole slew of problems with it. (How long after a game comes out do they stay up, cost, etc...)