The first 10 minutes: Lost Odyssey

A new video has been released showcasing the first ten minutes of Mistwalkers upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3879d ago

this long w/ no comment.

wake up.

socomnick3879d ago

I was not sold on Lost Odyssey before this video. I now cannot wait for it to release stateside. That intro was amazing full of action but the one thing that impressed me the most was the way it blended cgi with ingame it was seemless.

ThaGeNeCySt3879d ago

looks good, can't wait 2 try it out 4 myself

predator3879d ago

but that down as one of the best intros around

BIoodmask3879d ago

And that intro is truly spectacular. It kind of reminds me of the Lord of the Rings movie battles. I am a big RPG fan and this looks to be another quality title to add to my collection.

Mwaan3879d ago

Siegfried would kick Fulgore's azz. Oh, and yeah, Lost Odyssey looks awesome.

Dathcha3879d ago

The more I see of this game the more I want it :D

I just wish the publisher/developer would give a little more info (or rather: reassurance) about the length of the game... That it will be 40 hours of GAMEPLAY with on TOP of that 20 hours of cutscenes, rather than the so far speculated 40 hours TOTAL of which 20 hours is cutscenes...

I am still 99% sure I will buy this game on the day it comes out here, but I would still like to feel more assured that it will not be a SHORT thrilling ride... Because judging from this intro, that it will be thrilling is quite certain already :D

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The story is too old to be commented.