Why Call of Duty 5 Might Not Be Coming to PC

According to rumors from Gameplayer, kotaku, and many other gaming sites Infinity Ward will NOT be developing the next installment of Call of Duty 4. If so, the game will most likely go to Treyarch, who developed Call of Duty 3 and is typically a console only developer.

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TheHater3946d ago

Hope this is not true. Call of Duty is one of the more popular PC shooters and it would be really sad that it might not be coming out for the PC. But then again, look who is developing it, by their track record, this game might suck

QUNE3946d ago

If IW doesn't develop it, I probably will pass on it anyway for the PC. COD2 was (and probably still is) very popular online before COD4 released. The same will probably happen w/COD4 until COD6 is released.

demolitionX3946d ago

Brief History of Call of Duty:
Call of Duty: Infinity Ward (PC)
Call of Duty: United Offensive -- Gray Matter Interactive, now known as Treyarch (PC)
Call of Duty 2: Infinity Ward (PC, Consoles)
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One -- Treyarch (Consoles)
Call of Duty 3: Treyarch (Consoles)
Call of Duty 4: Infinity Ward (PC, consoles)
Call of Duty 5: PS3???

socomnick3946d ago

lol you sir are a moron. lol

Wii60_FTW3946d ago

I agree with SocomNick. LMAO.

but anyway, f*ck COD5. COD4 is the best shooter ever made. in infinity ward ain't making it, don't buy it. simple as that.

Rooted_Dust3946d ago

If it's going to be one of those minor expansion games then I don't really care. As long as we get the major releases from Infinity Ward.

Sam Fisher3946d ago

so pc is now dying as we speak

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The story is too old to be commented.