10 Things the PS3 Does Wrong

Having run through the 10 things the PS3 does right, Part II of gameplayer's look at the current state of the PS3 now that it has had its first birthday takes a look at where the console has gone wrong.

"So like the little orphan in an epic RPG tasked with saving the world from next-gen mediocrity, the PS3 has the power within, but will it be awakened? These 10 'wrongs' have us wondering."

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Shadow Flare3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I'll tell you one thing it does wrong (dunno if its in the article), but my ps3 often freezes and crashes on me. Its got slightly worse lately, sometimes when it freezes i the only way i can turn it off is from the switch on the back. I've installed my own 160gb HDD into it, so i dunno if thats why. Or it could be the user created themes for it. But there's nothing worse then playing warhawk, about to capture the flag...ps3's crashed. It doesn't happen often enough for me to call sony up or send in for repair but, its just annoying. It's about once every 3 or 4 days it happens


gotta love that inbred who disagrees with my ps3 freezing, like he's in a better position to know about it then me

jlytle12343794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

i would suggest turning off the scroller feature and i would have a look at the custom harddrive. you might put the original harddrive back in it and give it a week or two of solid testing. good luck.
edit: i will say that with all technology, sh!t happens. my ps3 has frozen a few times with warhawk and assassins creed. which i think both games have that problem. ive never had the console freeze while folding or just moving through the xmb. nothing is perfect.

TheMART3794d ago

So the PS3 is freezing huh. Thought the machine had no flaws

But hey let me try to give some help. I've heard that the news ticker option could do the trick. Put that one on off and see what it does for you.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3794d ago

"So the PS3 is freezing huh. Thought the machine had no flaws"

it freezes.

it DOESN`T cause house fires.

MikeGdaGod3794d ago

mine froze twice while playing AC but i've never had a prolem with Warhawk and i have a 120gb in mine.

pilotpistolpete3794d ago

Hey Shadow Flare, Mine is starting to do the same thing (it seems ever since I got PAIN). Maybe its an issue with 2.01. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update. Never had a problem since I bought it back in April.

The Wood3794d ago

its not new tactic but any 1 persons machine, even the ps3 can break down or do sh*t. My brother in laws one had a problem where 1 of his usbs didn't work and another friend of mine had a couple freezing issues before one of the updates sorted it. Nobody is saying there is a 0% failure rate. I believe you shadow

Killjoy30003794d ago

Mine used to freez but i think a firmware update fixed it. mine has frozen once for about 6 months.

gamesR4fun3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Seems to be game related for the freezes on mine both AC and Warhawk (br version) give me the odd freeze....
(and ya disabled the useless message bar thingy)

LinuxGuru3794d ago

to those of you installing new HDD's in your PS3s, try to stick with 5400 RPM drives....if you don't, it may cause problems.

LosT---SouL3794d ago

I had the same problem!

..until I cleaned the disk, dumbass

AngryTypingGuy3794d ago

Freezing once every 3 to 4 days in still not acceptable. I'd try to have it repaired. It couldn't hurt to at least try .

My 360 used to get a "disc read error" a lot. They replaced the disc drive for free, and now it works perfectly. My 360 even runs at a pretty cool temperature, so I'm lucky in that aspect.

Pothead213793d ago

That was the original xbox, if you want to bring last gen into this whats the point. comparing the PS3 to a last gen system is useless

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SlappingOysters3794d ago

I am suprised that n4g allows an article to be reported 3 minutes after it has gone live. Clearly the reporter didn't even have time to read the article, so won what basis is it reported...

ikkokucrisis3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

This website finds stuff fast and users can comment just as quickly.
don't hate this website because they get things done faster than others

N4G rulez

fury3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

the price point was too high and there were almost no games @ release, that's why I didnt buy it in the first place. the 360 was more attractive at that time, although one has to admit that it was released 1 year earlier than the ps3. but you also have to admit, that sony did their best, cut the price and released some really nice games (Uncharted, R&C, R:FoM... to name a few). now it's the right time to buy a ps3, it will improve over time. i look forward to my ps3 on christmas and i also look forward to 2008.

mighty_douche3794d ago

10 things the Playstation does wrong......

1000 things the playstation does right.....

why do people always need to look at negatives?

Vip3r3794d ago

Probably because they're insecure about their 360 purchase.


fury3794d ago bash the PS3 every day. sadly

PS3n3603794d ago

In fact this is the follow up article to 10 things PS3 does right. Both PS3 and 360 got the same two articles. None of the negative press has any effect on people other than making them mad. Dispite all the things I have read I still picked up an 80g bundle last night. Played some assasins creed. Everything I thought negative before vanished. Surprisingly I did not miss rumble at all, the graphics were stunning, The machine is whisper quiet. All in all for the new price points this machine feels like a real bargain. I only bought it cause my 360 got RROD and I sent it in and was dieing to play games so I grabbed one of these to tide me over. Gonna pick up Drakes next week. I am so glad I have a 7.1 receiver, but now my 1080i tv needs an upgrade. Damn it.

Miller3794d ago

It's just human nature to "take sides" and pointing out the negatives of something you don't own is a good way of helping cover your own insecurities for whatever reason.

I'm not saying that just applies to gaming though, sadly it's universal!

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gamesblow3794d ago

Damage control... trying to break down the momenum the ps3 has now after it stomped the wii and xbox 360 last month in sales.

lawman11083794d ago

The 300,000 360's that were sold ? man you Fan boy's are something else. I can taste the tears you will cry when the Christmas numbers come out. 3 to 1 you wait and see.

The Xbox gang revealed today that they sold some 310,000 consoles last week, boosted by post-Thanksgiving sales. Not bad, especially when compared to sales of the Wii during the same time frame, which Nintendo reports was at 350,000. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg told Next-Gen that sales of Xbox 360 Arcade were much better than expected and that Scene It? is selling out. The bad news? It's for Sony, whom Microsoft says was outsold two to one, comparing Xbox 360 sales to that of the PlayStation 3.

Good for Microsoft, I say.

Vip3r3794d ago

You do know the PS3 has started to outsell the 360 in both Europe and Asia for several weeks now.

gamesblow3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

300,000 xbox 360's sold on black friday, huh? Well... you do know that you have no numbers to go off of, right? Sony hasn't released their sales... so, you're pretty much lookin' like you always do... A complete PETER PELTCHER. Sorry, SNORK.

I particuarly loved this part "Whom MICROSOFT SAYS OUTSOLD IT 2:1" ahahahahhaahahahahahahahahhaha ahahahahahahah... you really are an ANAL LEAK.

Wingnut263794d ago

I love how you post a pic stating that there are plenty of PS3s in look right behind that and there is a mountain of 360s sittin there. Well done.

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