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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes the series to new heights, it refines what was already there in the past and expands on it for an even more lengthier and refined experience. The visuals and presentations of the game are outstanding, the soundtracks are one of the best ever and naturally with the Elder Scrolls, the games have a huge replay value. It’s not hard to spend hundreds of hours in Skyrim. Sadly, few bugs do exist, sure there will be patches in the future that will fix it but that’s the future and not now. Regardless, the game stands strong, not even a shout could knock it back.

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Mutley4162323d ago

got my copy today on my new excited!!!
3930 and a 570...gonna be impressive to ssay the least!

Nes_Daze2323d ago

Still not sure if I should get this game..I fear its buggy potential.

h311rais3r2323d ago

Every game has bugs and not everyone experiences them. I have yet to see 1 at 100 hours in

baboom2232323d ago

believe me, the pros way out-do the cons. Its worth it.

Krew_922323d ago

Yeah I understand. On what system are you playing Skyrim on? If It's not PlayStation 3, I can confirm first hand that version is atrocious, and not based on luck.

Krew_922323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I know how you feel. I got this on the PS3, and holy hell is it a glitchfest. I had no choice but to get it on PS3, because my PC can't handle it, and I don't have an Xbox. The PS3 version is a mess, well for me it is, I was playing not even 8 hours into it and my FPS dropped out of nowhere. It was brief, and I didn't need to restart my PS3, but that's just unacceptable.

-I do enjoy the game though, it doesn't matter if the pros outweigh the cons, It's still unacceptable-

baboom2232323d ago

A lot of people had different experience with the game, I for one didn't experience any problems after about 100 hours of game-play.

Nes_Daze2323d ago

That's exactly what I am afraid of. I love games like Skyrim, but I heard that some people had problems to the point that it was unplayable. I don't want to pay $60 for some frustration.

Chuk52323d ago

November was a blur. I just remember dragons and exams.

ForROME2323d ago

GOTY - I have said that for 35 days and now its official

azizmb2323d ago

After speaking to a lot of people about Skyrim, it's been a mixed bag for everyone. The game itself is a great and outstanding (GoTY of year quality) but with bugs, it's turned mix with some people. For me, I've had very few minor bugs (none game-breaking) while I found some others stuck with lag issues or stuck on a quest.