Alan Wake for PC incoming

Rely on Horror: a recent statement made by Remedy makes Alan Wake for PC seem like more than just a possibility.

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disturbing_flame2229d ago

Please Remedy come back on PC.

ShinMaster2229d ago

Another 360 exclusive gone multiplatform.
Unless PC conveniently doesn't count as a different platform this time.

Anyway, it's a downloadable title so it might not be a huge loss I guess.

brettyd2229d ago

well it was originally a PC game so..

coolbeans2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

"Unless PC conveniently doesn't count as a different platform this time."

This time? The term "console exclusive" is a recognizable word that's considered as a true term. The situation works for DC Universe Online just like it would in Alan Wake's case (if this turns out to be true).

If you're trying to make that slight because of the number of 360/PC games, shouldn't we also be asking that when the term "console graphics king" comes up? But that logic would be too inconvenient for most of n4g (not to say you're in that group).

Lazy_Sunday2229d ago

They're collecting they're losses, that's savvy, so long as it's a good port. Hell, I'll play it on PC if it exceeds console standard graphics like most PC games.

ZippyZapper2229d ago

"Another 360 exclusive gone multiplatform."

Yeah to Windows 7 and Windows 8

What are you doing here Sony troll?

ninjahunter2229d ago

Does it even matter? For the whole console wars debate your still not going to play it on ps3. Your system could have 3x the exclusive and the competition would still have dozens of non exclusives that you can't play.

pc_masterrace2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

"I see PC in your name. Now if Alan Wake had come to the PC too, I bet you wouldnt say that"

Yes I would. IMO this game looks weak!

ShinMaster2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

That's the point.

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ATi_Elite2229d ago

September 2012 when Window 8 launches and allows ALL 360 games to be played on the PC.

as far as a dedicated PC version.....who knows!

kcuthbertson2229d ago

No...that's just some dumb rumor. PC's aren't going to be able to emulate the 360 for at least a few more years. Windows 8 is going to try to incorporate some XBL shit that isn't going to do anything ...just like GFWL.

disturbing_flame2229d ago

I want to play Alan wake in a true resolution, with good textures and 60 fps; not the 360 version.

B1663r2229d ago


It is probably a good thing that they will not have to emulate the xbox 360 on PC's then, as .NET makes it so that the code can run more or less natively on PC's.

frelyler2228d ago


Ah, a lot of pcs are more than capable of playing any 360 game. The tech in the 360 is 6 years old now, do you know anything a out pcs?

ATi_Elite2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

If you have Windows 7 you will see a thing called Windows Experience.

It's a test that when ran gives your PC a number of how well your components are.

It test the Ram, GPU, CPU, HDD, Optical drive, and multitasking functions.

it rates your PC from 1.0 to 7.0! All this data has been sent back to Microsoft and they have a VERY VERY VERY good idea of how many PC's can run 360 games.

Once the Next Box hits why wouldn't Microsoft want to rake in all that free money from PC gamers wanting to play some 360 games on their PC's?

This feature will be the biggest selling point to Windows 8. Also it would allow MS to make a bigger impact on the PC market and compete with STEAM as Devs would start going through XBL PC more often.

This would really give Steam a run for it's money and put a serious dent in Piracy cause the game would run through the OS and have an always Internet on DRM plus tie in your Mobo/CPu details to your XBLPC account thus making Piracy very very difficult.

Jesus H Christ i should go apply to Microsoft right now!

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Berserk2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

If it does come to PC. Day 1.

Pikajew2229d ago

Hopefully it comes. I want this game so bad

Kran2229d ago

It'll do well to the sales, thats for sure. Lots of PC gamers after this. Of course it'll be a GFWL title.... boo. But perhaps they could release it alongside Steam too? They did it for Fable III :P

Megaton2229d ago

Lots of GFWL games are on Steam. Microsoft and Valve's relationship isn't like EA and Valve's relationship.

Kran2229d ago

Well we know that. But all the while I feel Valve is starting to lose Microsoft a bit. How many times have they said: Oh we wanted to do this which PS3 and PC allowed us to, but Microsoft wont?

capcock2229d ago

gfwl=the only thing I hate in pc gaming

kaveti66162229d ago

What about Ubisoft's DRM?

Somebody2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Personally, I don't actually hate GFWL. It's pretty decent. Of course, I'm a late comer so I didn't experienced the woes of early adopters that I've been hearing of.

I have a number of GFWL and Origin games in my PC. A LOT of Steam games. Ubisoft.

The only thing that does bother me about GFWL is that it reminded me of Microsoft's lack of support in PC gaming. Alan Wake started it all. I've spent years building my PC in anticipation of Alan Wake only to be told that my PC is no match to the living room couch. That left a bad taste.

Motorola2229d ago

I heard they dont do Games for Windows Live anymore and that it's just Games for Windows. I could be completely wrong though.

caboose322229d ago

Yea MS was planning to keep their games off of steam, but they realized while releasing Fable 3 that they need it on as many pc platforms as possible to get more sales.

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capcock2229d ago

if that happens, then there'll be even less reasons to get a 360 than it already is.. lol

wallis2229d ago

Oh, have computer screens finally grown large enough that they can handle the intense experience that is Alan Wake? Let me inform the elders I'm sure there'll be celebrations that an okay survival horror game is coming our way, we'll have to slaughter a pig in thanks.

MRMagoo1232228d ago

lol, i dont think some ppl saw what you did there

wallis2228d ago

I'm glad somebody remembers the God damn retarded excuse they gave for why we didn't have it day 1 to begin with.

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