Metal Gear Rising Was Originally Cancelled. Platinum Saved The Project


"It has emerged that Metal Gear Rising was actually cancelled by Kojima Productions before Platinum Games swooped in to take over, re-envisage and ultimately rescue the project."

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pedo_across-the-road2174d ago

That was NICE of Platinum, wouldn't you agree.

PirateThom2174d ago

Not really... Platinum Games will have their best selling game ever, it makes more sense for PG to do it. Most developers would LOVE yo develop a Metal Gear game because the brand is guaranteed sales.

BakedGoods2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Totally. It's probably in better hands anyway. Kojima should stick to stealth/strategy action games.

Iroquois_Pliskin2174d ago

MGR just lost that kojima feel to it

iChii2174d ago

True that Thom. The only reason why they "saved" the game is because they have guaranteed sales.

I'll skip on this game tho. I didn't like Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta or Vanquish at all and this game seems to be a combination of them but with "Metal Gear" on it. And is it me, or were the graphics downgraded? When I saw Rising at E3 I was like "Woah, Me Gusta! O:" now I'm like meh. As a HUGE Metal Gear Solid fan, I'm disappointed.

zatrox2174d ago


This trailer looks worse because it runs at 60FPS, whereas the original build ran at 30.

BlindGuardian2174d ago

it should've stay cancelled

I'll probably play it and have some fun but I would prefer if it didn't exist

sikbeta2174d ago

It'll sell just because it has the MGS in the title alone, so it's a win/win for PG and Konami, maybe there is a reason of WHY Koji-san wasn't that involved full in this project...

Bull5hifT2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

I hear it's amazing when the famous giant purple stuffed worm in flapjaw space, with a tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hairi Kairi Rock! I need scissors!! 61! .................This whole Stupid idea started Cause Micro$oft Wanted to prove that MGS4 graphics could be done on 360, so they poured money into trying to prove this, even though kojima knew microsoft fans didnt really buy MGS2 when it came out on the original xbox... this was the Red Headed Stepchild, Everyone Hates Raiden, he was an Epic Fail , TOO Feminine and Weak and just a Cry Baby(Dramatical),Capital L LOSER....i respect Kojima for not trying to Half-Ass it for us' Hes an amazing storyteller, Raiden was a Mistake -same as polyphony, kojima wants the best Media to Show what he is dreaming, Uncompressed

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dredgewalker2173d ago

I wasn't really interested in MGR since it was an action game and Kojima wasn't the one handling this game, but now that it has fallen on Platinum's hands it has now gotten my attention. I really did enjoy Vanquish even if it was a short game. If things went well with this game, it looks like Raiden will have his own games and may part ways with Snake.

RedDead2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

It looks pretty good imo. But the old E3 looked more unique the way he was cutting up the enemies and buildins, it looked like MGS but with a ninja. I always wanted a ninja game like that one. But this one is Hack and slash full on. Still it's pretty good looking so far for a hack and slash.

Still though i'll trust their judgement, if it wasn't working it wasn't working and that's it.

jeseth2173d ago

They may think they saved it, but if they make it a total abortion (which it looks like to this point) then it could be the most self damning move ever...

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GribbleGrunger2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

'saved' is quite a stretch... 'pimped' would be closer

j-blaze2174d ago


Platinum is the best developer to handle this kind of fast paced action, and I'm very excited by this prospect. Rising was never intended to be MGS5, nor should it be expected. it is, and always was, intended to be a more action-based spin-off.

gaden_malak2173d ago

My only problem is, it seems Raiden has lost his mood from MGS4...

v7seven2173d ago

Haha, I have to agree with this comment, seeing as you copied and pasted it from a comment I wrote on 1UP.

Lyr1c2174d ago

I think everyone is jumping to conclusions a little too soon, and mainly due to the fact that it has Metal Gear in the title.

Face it, if it was an original IP, there would be so many less complaints.

Platinum Games, while corny, usually craft wonderful experiences, so why don't we all relax and let them do their job? If it doesn't turn out so good, then so be it.

Christopher2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

I dunno. The trailer looked somewhat mediocre and played out pretty bad as trailers go.

This is only good if they can make a worthwhile game, not somehow win the right to use licensed characters and settings.

What worries me is that they are kind of a mixed bag as far as good or bad games. I did not like Bayonetta, but Vanquish was okay if not way too short. MadWorld looked great but never played it since it stuck to Wii.

TVippy2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Kojima Productions are losers for not being able to produce a title different to what they did their whole life. I'm disappointed.
For them Rising was a mistake from the start, they chewed more than they could handle.

Micro_Sony2173d ago

Have to agree with you but you can not blame Kojima Pro becuase Konami was the one that saw how much money can made from the MGS name by going multiplat.

Kojima still calls shot and his say is respected in Konami becuase he can leave them and open his own studio when ever he wants, shame that Konami own the MGS franchise.

I think Kojima Productions should pull a Bungi and start their own IP becuase Konami is heading the Capcom direction.

lategamer2173d ago

"...not being able to produce a title different to what they did their whole life."

I'd say Metal Gear Ac!d, Boktai, Zone of Enders and Castlevania are all vastly different from each other, and different than the MGS franchise.

TheColbertinator2173d ago


Don't forget Lunar Knights from Kojima Productions,that was a great game.

Redempteur2173d ago

"Kojima Productions are losers for not being able to produce a title different to what they did their whole life."

yeah right , like Zone of the enders ?

like boktai ?

Your rant is ridiculous

Perjoss2173d ago

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has not always been exclusive to 1 platform, there is MGS1 on the PC and Gamecube, MGS2 was also on the on xbox. Only 3 and 4 have been Playstation exclusives.

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orange-skittle2173d ago

That douche bag had the nerve to make this big announcement and had people waiting for years on the project just to cancel it because they didnt know what direction to take it in. Then this assh-le talks to media about a new project he's working on and doesn't disclose his decision to can the MGR project. Platinum takes the game over and and this son of a b-tch still wants to tag it as a Kojima Production. I cant stand his f-ckin' ass

n4gisatroll2173d ago

i think he was more than pressured by microsoft to make an announcement.

Prophet-Gamer2173d ago

Should have been cancelled imo.

Hueynewton20122173d ago

Nope they should have cancelled it and with this news my mind has finally been made up regarding the purchase of this game. I will not be purchasing a MGS spin off made by another dev thats not Kojima studios...... Sorry, if i want hack n slash i will replay GOW3, NG 2 or wait for NG 3.

I don't care if they made vanquish, the bottom line is that they don't MGS games!!!!!

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phantomexe2174d ago

Platinum games is great at makeing these types of games but i don't know. I just wasn't inpressed with that video. It looked alittle...something about it didn't look right. It looked corny am i the only one that thinks so?

redDevil872174d ago

I think the whole corny aspect was done on purpose. Bayonetta and Vanquish were both extremely corny, must be PG's trademark.

Aomizuchi2174d ago

If corny means a game that has a story that makes no sense, I'll have to agree. Watching a cut-scene in Bayonetta is like reading the instruction manual on a Chinese knock-off item.

orange-skittle2173d ago

I thought I was the only one that felt that way. Bayonetta played well, but the story was TERRIBLE. I couldn't follow it for shit. Vanquish was pretty good, but it was too short. BTW, The REVENGANCE has to go from the title. That game looks decent but it looks like a Ninja Blade/Ninja Gaiden/Devil May Cry type of game. I saw a mech walker while they were fighting and I am wondering if thats the only link to metal gear that is visible.

Neckbear2174d ago

It WAS corny, and for a reason. It's Platinum Games.

Go look at Vanquish or Bayonetta, corniness is basically their signature.

UnSelf2174d ago

i think he means corny not so much in the style itself but in the fact that it represents a Metal Gear game.

Vanquish and Bayonetta are corny but cool because they are stand alone IP's. They really shouldve kept the original look of Raiden as seen in 2010's E3

phantomexe2174d ago

That's what i mean it seemed corny for metal gear game. Thank ya UnSelf.

SilverSlug2174d ago

Dude, corny? This is the franchise with bi-sexual vampires and a dude that is straight out of a 80's film as a hero. Come on now...

archemides5182173d ago

what didn't look right is that a dude strong enough to pick up a skyscraper sized mech who also weilds a super-blade strong enough to utterly destroy it has trouble to deal out any damage to generic soldier dudes without multiple makes no sense.

FelicityOldGamer2173d ago

I agree!!! Somethings missing....

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Megaton2174d ago

Should have stayed cancelled. Raiden was always a low point for the series, no matter how hard Kojima wanted the fans to like him.

malol2173d ago

Raiden is like the luigi of the MGS world
that's why MGS2 sucked and always well be the worst in the whole main MGS2 series

Kahvipannu2173d ago

Not really... I like playing Luigi, not as much as Mario, but still.

Raiden just irritated me. Stupid character.

WhiteLightning2174d ago

Is it wrong for me to of wanted Bayonetta 2 from PG rather then Metal Gear Rising.

Megaton2174d ago

I certainly would have preferred Bayonetta 2.

Game4life2174d ago

hopefully Bayonetta 2 will come. In the mean time I'm happy with Rising

quiddd2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

That last statement by bakedgoods
- kinda sad