Reviewing Scores of Biased Review Scores

Thanks to the recent events surrounding 'Gerstmanngate,' the term bias has been thrown around like a cheap whore. All across the blogosphere sites are trying to reach out to the disenfranchised Gamespot readers with a "non-biased" arm of reporting; however, that leaves the question, can anything truly be unbiased? It seems this event may have just uncovered something we have known all along? The review system is broken.

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Dukester1013882d ago

Good article. It was short, but was packed with some good stuff... that is totally true

InMyOpinion3882d ago

Excellent article! According to me Mass Effect is the most revolutionary and immersive game to come along since Shenmue. It just takes RGS's to another level.

Grasty3882d ago

I think as a writer, it becomes very difficult to not be biased. You simply cant help but spin your own opinions into it. Especially if you are a Nintendo fan trying to do an article about the success of another system or perhaps the downfall of your own. You just cant help it some times.

gamesblow3882d ago

He was biased himself, what's he on about?

Relientk773882d ago

my comment is towards related content... Mass Effect is on PS3?

and biased review scores... so GAMESPOT?

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The story is too old to be commented.