Harmonix Associate Confirms PS3 Patch

A Harmonix associate hmxsean has confirmed that a Rock Band patch regarding ps3 controller compatilbity is soon to be available. This is what he wrote:

PS3 Controller Compatibility Routine Patch


Hey everybody,

Good news, see below (this patch should be available quite soon, maybe even up now as of this posting)-

Available today is a routine update for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of
Rock Band that addresses a number of items related to guitar controller
compatibility. Should Rock Band owners choose to obtain the update, they
will need broadband internet access connected to their PLAYSTATION 3.
The update will be downloaded once the game is started.


So as you may have noticed the patch still isn't up and I apologize. We're trying to find out what the holdup is and I'll get back to you when I know. Or better yet the patch will just go up and everyone will be stoked. Sorry about the delay.

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biomajor093794d ago

So all Ps3 rock band owners can now rejoice. You will soon be able to use your gh3 controller for rock band. We will now be able to have a bass player, or for those who just bought the game you will now be able to actually play.

ruibing3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I'm glad I bite the bullet and ordered the game from Barnes & Noble.