VGA's Embarrassed The Video Game Industry

The dust has settled and another VGA's have come and gone. We can now think about the new year and the future of the industry. But did the VGA's help or hinder the gaming industry? This is one writer's thoughts.

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MultiConsoleGamer2111d ago

It seems like every gamer I know hated these awards, and they knew they were fake, and yet most of them watched the show anyway.

Gamers have only themselves to blame.

You know what I was doing while this garbage was on the air? I was over at a friends house playing video games.

senorwakko2111d ago

At the same point, we need to make sure this doesn't continue to happen

DonaldBeck2111d ago

It was at its worst when call of duty mw3 got best shooter.

senorwakko2111d ago

wouldn't argue with that

_Aarix_2111d ago

First mass effect, now gears, I agree completely.

SKUD2111d ago

I wonder just who exactly thinks this award show (if you can call it that) was a good idea?.

senorwakko2110d ago

Unfortunately Geoff Keighley was saying it was great and defending it. I know he had some say in what was going on.