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Submitted by D14BL0 1525d ago | opinion piece

Anti-Piracy Throughout the Ages [The Gaming Vault]

Piracy has always been a problem that has plagued artists, designers, producers, and copyright holders for many, many years. And that’s simply something to be expected; it’s human nature to try to get something for free if the option is available, and the chances of repercussions are minimal.

As such, game developers have had to come up with various ways to combat pirates, usually just long enough for them to make their money. (ArmA 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Culture, Dev, Industry, Michael Jackson The Experience, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, Retro, Serious Sam 3: BFE, Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Tech, Xbox 360)

Moduserous  +   1525d ago
That image is hilarious.
borisfett  +   1525d ago
To this day, that Mother piracy prevention is still the most ingenious use of copy protection I've ever seen.
kramun  +   1525d ago
I remember years ago having to use a cardboard code wheel with Monkey Island 2 on the Amiga, had to use it with the manual to crack the code.

Even further back I remember having to use some colour code card for Jet Set Willy on the Spectrum.

Fun times.
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Derpy  +   1525d ago
Interesting article. At least some of those forms of DRM where oblivious to the legal gamer. Since pirates have always been able to get around DRM, it seems that the schemes used nowadays do nothing but punish the honest gamers.
Sidology  +   1525d ago
your username and image = <333
Sidology  +   1525d ago
i would, in fact, download a car.

2011_nissan_altima_w_options. rar
sulaymanqazi  +   1525d ago
Piracy is why PC gameing is falling. stop the piracy!
k3x  +   1525d ago
I remember I had to enter codes from a piece of paper that came with the game back in the day of Atari 65 XL/XE, cassettes and all that. I also vividly remember I had to go through the entire trash can to retrieve said piece of paper thanks to my mom who deemed it useless and threw it away.

Kids these days, they have it easy. Games load in two seconds instead of two hours and they still whine about DRM. DRM? Hah, at least it doesn't make you dig in trash.
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hiredhelp  +   1525d ago
Love them day's no trash talk no spoilt kids no screaming.
Nope just type LOAD" sit back with a cup coffee watch some color bars flash across your telly. 10min later we have great retro expireance with no lives no retrys no saves.
user3903999  +   1524d ago
Piracy will get bigger if developers continues their crap.
like online pass, or like resident evil for the 3DS where you only get one save that you can't even erase and start a new game. Piracy can bypass these lame attempt to stop people from buying used.

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