1UP preview: UT3 bringing a new form of firepower to the PS3

If you're a console gamer, you can't really be blamed for automatically being suspicious of Unreal Tournament games -- none have been a "sure thing" like on the PC. Despite several attempts from Epic Games to adapt its fast-paced, multiplayer-centric first-person shooter series for the controller-wielding crowd (Unreal Championship 2 and its meleecentered combat being the most recent effort), the developer is still looking for a console home run.

The Gears of War maker will try to change that with Unreal Tournament 3, building the PC version right alongside the PS3 edition. Thing is, UT3 doesn't play like any other shooter on a console right now. It's not Halo 3, Gears of War, or Resistance: Fall of Man -- and one of those actually came from Epic. But just because it's different doesn't mean it can't be excellent in its own right.

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crazy250003877d ago

i plan on buying this the day it comes out......i just hope they are prepared with the servers, unlike IW with COD4

ill be seeing yall online!

Maddens Raiders3877d ago

This game looks more and more gorgeous everytime I see it. Can't wait to see you online. Take care.

MK_Red3877d ago

I actually thought UC2: Liandri Conflict was a pretty good game. Can't wait to play UT3 on PS3. RAMPAGE!!

mighty_douche3877d ago


(personal favs) FLAK MASTER.... & HEAD HUNTER.....

crazy250003877d ago

always pissed me off.....cause i always got shot with it lol

LSDARBY3877d ago

Im not sure whether to import this or the Orange Box cus i really wanna play Portal

mighty_douche3877d ago

dude, my advice would be to get UT, while portal is amazing i completed it in around 3 hours. id wait a bit and pick the orange box up cheap in a few months if portal is your main interest.

visage3877d ago

Agreed with 3.1 - get UT3, longer lasting gameplay IMO.

portal was sweet but not something i would replay 4-5 times <_<;

ElementX3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Buy Orange Box now, it's amazing. Wait until UT3 is released in your region, by that time you'll have money to buy it so you can play both. I wouldn't import, but that's just me.

Skip OB if you have PS3, I was referring to the 360 version :) I'll be getting UT3 on release day, but if you have a 360 and ps3, get OB for 360 and wait for UT3.

HarryEtTubMan3877d ago

Please stop worrying yourself to death about what PS3 owners are getting... we will get what we want... maybe both UT3 and Orange Box next month!

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UnblessedSoul3877d ago

Get both, if your only allowed 1 get UT3

Fighter3877d ago

I'm skipping The orange box for this. I would like the orange box but it seems to be flawed so I'll wait for it to go cheap or rent it just to play portal.

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The story is too old to be commented.