Problem Solved: Good Customer Service

EA made it clear that any non-functional Rock Band guitars would be replaced quickly, and at no cost.

Ed Kirchgessner, an editor at Game and Player, takes a look at past customer service dealings, as well as his own personal experience with EA.

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NewC3636d ago

For anyone who has picked up the game:

How well built is the drum kit? Does it seem like it can take a beating?

Relientk773636d ago

it can take a beating and then some :)

NewC3636d ago

Awesome. Now if only I could find a copy...

xplosneer3636d ago

If only one of them could make the GH3 guitar work on it....

Covenant3636d ago

Good job, EA. And the Rock Band bundles my store received today had a sticker on them that stated if they had any problems, to contact EA and not take it back to the retailer.

NewC3636d ago

What store is this? Here it's absolutely impossible to find a copy. These bundles are going for insane amounts on eBAY and Craigslist.

Covenant3636d ago

Best Buy in the St. Louis area.

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