Activision Blizzard: EA to swoop for NCsoft?

After the emergence of Activision Blizzard this week, industry rumour-mongering has reached fever pitch as to who's going to make the next move – and analyst and Gameshadow boss Nicholas Lovell believes that EA must act fast to move into the MMO space.

"The deal will combine Activision's strong publishing franchises (like Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk) with Vivendi's games business, and particularly with World of Warcraft, which with over 9.3 million subscribers is the world's number one multi-player online role-playing game franchise," said Lovell on his Gameshadow blog.

"It's a huge deal, creating a real threat to Electronic Arts, particularly as EA does not yet have a category-killing MMO.

"So despite recent comments to the contrary, the ongoing mergers and acquisitions in the games industry are far from over. What's next? How about Electronic Arts bidding for NCSoft to get hold of Lineage, Tabula Rasa and Guild Wars?"

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predator3759d ago

if to be true what would that mean to ncsoft agreement with sony?

Real gamer 4 life3759d ago

Nothing the same way microsoft kept mass effect exclusive is the same way sony will keep there games exclusive.

Multigamer3759d ago

real- the problem with that is mass effect was near end of its production, there still is no word on 2 and 3? since any ncsoft game is far away things may change

pwnsause3759d ago

isnt that the reason why they have bioware?

ruibing3759d ago

If EA gets their hands on Guild Wars, I wonder what will happen to the subscription-free service. I think it's either going to include a fee, have in-game ads, or have the servers taken offline after a few years.

NRG3759d ago

Ahhhh, yeah. As soon as I heard about Activision and Blizzard merging to help each other dominate all ends of the market, the first thing I thought was: EA Killer. Haven't been watching it too closely, but I'm clearly not alone :)

Hopefully this will help put the pressure on EA to change their prospective and to raise their standard of quality for games instead of all these lame annual remakes.

Topshelfcheese3759d ago

EA, has Warhammer online and whatever one Bioware creates at its Austin Studio. Not sure why the article says that EA has no MMO's. Seems like idle speculation, if EA was to buy any company it would probably be Ubisoft, as they already own 25% shares in that company.

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The story is too old to be commented.