Has a massive Deus Ex 3 secret slipped out?

A discrepancy between two versions of the official Deus Ex 3 teaser trailer could have let slip the biggest reveal to date on the sequel.

In one version of the trailer, a scene has had the date "2027" removed, while it remains in the same scene in a second version.

It's led to CVG speculating that the sequel actually acts as a prequel and could well be set prior to the original Deus Ex (which was set in the 2050s. Invisible War was set 20 years on from the first game).

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MK_Red3910d ago

Wow, nice find and catch.

ElementX3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

The first Deus Ex was fun, but the AI was horrible. You just wait and they go back to whatever they were doing before you attack them. I never played the second because my PC didn't run it. I hope this game is good. I don't even remember the storyline, it was way back.

Gamingisfornerds3910d ago

I hope it's still 'sci-fi enough' to my likings. That's one of the main reasons I liked Deus Ex IW, because of the sci-fi setting. If that's gone, then I don't know if I'll enjoy it as much.

I'll likely still enjoy it, it's the gameplay that's king afterall. But without the sci-fi influences, it won't be as appealing to me.

Hypnotic3910d ago

Well the secret might not have come out until this article. Good work, spoil it for everyone!