New Folklore Tales Coming

Producer Eric Fong on the US Playstation blog writes:

"First, I would like to thank you for helping make our little game a big success. Without your support, deep and innovative games like Folklore would never be made, and quite frankly, I would be out of a job.

So, you've played through Folklore, been to Hell Realm and back, and you want MORE??? Well, you're in luck! Starting this month, and only on the PLAYSTATION Network, you'll be able to purchase new downloadable add-on packs – each to include a new costume for either Ellen OR Keats, a completely new Folk, and 4 additional quests that extend the Folklore story.

Check out the packs you can look forward to and be on the lookout for more Folklore "surprises" around the corner. Thanks again for your support!"

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gamesblow3881d ago

This is amazing news!I love folklore and this is just amazing! WOW! This is like, the best news I've heard in like 3 weeks. Warhawk update, Resistance update... cool stuff, but this is really greatnews!

Also, this game wasn't that big of a success... what is this guy on about? It's sold 300,000 copies to date. It came out October 9th. Strange... Maybe ps3 games all have a low bar attached to their attach rate??? Or maybe the last 3 weeks increased sales for the game..??? I know it boosted R&C's numbers pretty good, but folklore??? I don't think this is the mass appeal game and we should look at it like that too... not every game is going to have mass appeal and sell 2 million copies. Some dev's go into making games with lower expectations in their budgets.

I'm sure Folklore was a success to them... Well, over Genji 2 "which I really do love"

SullyDrake3881d ago

And I loved it, despite it's flaws. I'm glad to hear something positive for once about Genji 2, which I will be getting when the price lowers a bit.

Vip3r3881d ago

Could this be the folklores that were created by people on the EU forums as part of a big competition?

Frulond3881d ago

seen these in the JP store was hoping they came to US :)
good news :)

Relientk773881d ago

its GREAT news ... I LOVE FOLKLORE... it could be the PS3s most underrated exclusive ... its incredible

lodossrage3881d ago

Just when I thought I was done with Folklore, THIS comes along. One thing about sony, they sure know how to keep that replayability going.

Great Job!

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