What's wrong with the VGAs

Renowned for being absolutely awful and targeted to some weird demographic we’re not sure even exists, the VGAs manage to pull out some major exclusives and tie them into a show that’s probably only around 20 minutes long (if you take out all the ridiculous advertising).

Yet last night I watched the whole thing – again – in a vein hope that it could get slightly good.

It didn’t.

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Truerandom2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Everything. The only good thing about it is, the announcements.

FACTUAL evidence2437d ago

Hope the author of this article knows that air time cost and they had to rush everything within 2 hours.........FAIL. The dude even stated that in the beginning as a freaking joke. I think it's more of the people who never goes to the VGA always get the craptastic end of the stick. Majority of the people who does actually go have a good time.

I don't think the VGA's is the best, but it was ok for what it was supposed to do. That's what E3 and pax is for.

Baka-akaB2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Even the teen awards are better handled , wich aint saying much . It migt be crappy but at least it resonate within it's target .

The VGA can't do that .

DeleteThisxx2437d ago

Agreed, it's also kind of sad that some developers who were nominated weren't even invited to the show (Techland)

killerhog2437d ago

From the audience (with the exception of a few) to host, nominees to winners (with a few exceptions) was a joke. Also did anyone notice the useless non-gaming celebs looked bored? Also so did some of the people who actually are involved in the gaming industry. Why won't this show die?

El_Barto2437d ago

Last nights was actually pretty good compared to previous ones IMHO.

They have to keep it a bit mainstream because some people that watch might be casual gamers and you don't want to alienate them.

The reveals were cool, the presenters were cool. I think everything went rather well. The whole T-bagging thing was funny as hell, especially when Robert Bowling ran off and left the guy from Sledgehammer Games there to get

Bimkoblerutso2437d ago

An award show that is supposedly created to celebrate all that is gaming should not have to cater to a demographic with only a passing interest in the industry.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2437d ago

ding ding ding, couldn't have said it better.

El_Barto2437d ago

The VGA's want to be more legitimate, there is no problem with that. To do that you have to appeal to more then just the stereotype gamer of the pathetic old guy who lives in his mothers basement.

You want to attract future gamers, turn casual gamers into core gamers and I think they do a good job, at least last night of doing that.

Baka-akaB2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Actually it is the kind of humor many people believe would appeal to the living in the basement" type .

Most "regular" folks i've seen comment on the matter seems appalled rather than delighted . It certainly wont make them want to be a gamer

Bimkoblerutso2437d ago

My point is that an award show should be focused on it's subject. In attempting to "capture" audiences other than those that the actual awards would most interest, they've managed to completely lose focus of what the ceremony purposes to celebrate. So essentially, no one is happy. The mainstream audience still gets the shitty frat humor that the network thinks their core demographic likes, and the core audience has to sit through the brand presence and celebrity bullshit that (apparently) attracts the mainstream.

Euthanasia782437d ago

C'mon man. U know Jerry Rice plays Blitz.

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camel_toad2437d ago

The attempts at humor are generally pathetic and their stage games fit more on something like attack of the show and not at an awards show.

Micro_Sony2437d ago

What's wrong with the VGAs?

Its organised by corporate suits who only care about making money from the adverts than actual gaming.

E3 use to be about gaming but has now turned into a big marketing outlet.

RememberThe3572437d ago

I couldn't tune in. It's an embarrassment to the industry that they even let this exist.

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