Soul Calibur IV Playble at CES, Character to be Unveiled

Kotaku received word that Soul Calibur IV will be at full force at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Apparently, there will also be a special unveiling.

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fe103882d ago

Too many big mosters.

ElementX3882d ago

OMG CES is right around the corner! I expect some nice announcements for both PS3 and 360!

Relientk773882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I am looking forward to this game... its looking very very good

Kareshi_X3882d ago

This one Will Be Hot i know It, Lets Just Hope They Put SOme Nice New Characters And Some More Levels

TheHater3882d ago

Say what? I love SC and it one of my favorite Fighting games of all time. I really hope the deliver with this one just as they did with the other three.

BloodySinner3882d ago

Soul Calibur III sucked, though.

Mwaan3882d ago

Soulcalibur 3 was an unfinished game with an experimental engine. Project Soul has already confirmed that they're going back to SC2 gameplay. Besides, if they ship another unfinished game, they'll just patch it. Nothing to worry about... I'm not worried... Really I'm not...

BloodySinner3882d ago

I already know that. I have all the Soul Calibur fighters to date.

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