No Multiplayer in The Last of Us, Naughty Dog's First M-Rated Title

Following the announcement of Naughty Dog's PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us, questions arose whether the game would be a single-player only affair or it would sport a multiplayer feature - presumably an online multiplayer component.

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deadpool192354d ago

F*** yes. This is amazing news, I remember someone on N4G saying hopefully this is a Mature rated game. Also, single-player only. Awesome.

jony_dols2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Dead right. Co-op destroys any of the fear factor in survival-horror games. They are supposed to be scary & build suspense, that's the reason why Dead Space (& to a lesser extent, Alan Wake) was such a success this gen.

And one of the many reasons why Resident Evil 5 didn't live up to gamers expectations.

iChii2353d ago

Hell yeah. I hope they make the game extra long like Jak 3. I spent more than 100 hours in Jak 3 and it has no MP so I won't doubt this game. <3 (Pfft, like I'd doubt anything from Naughty Dog.)

ryhanon2353d ago

hah, I came into the comments here to lament the lack of co-op, but when I read your comment I thought to myself "actually damn, he's right."

vickers5002353d ago

Glad they aren't adding multiplayer to this. Naughty Dog haven't quite got the hang of creating a great and well balanced multiplayer mode just quite yet.

They should just stick with what they're good at, singleplayer.

mafiahajeri2353d ago

So by your logic TLOU is going to be dissapointing right? You obviously forgot the little girl thats going to be following you around everywhere. Your probably going to escorting her around and everything. You guys dont want co-op but theres 2 main characters (So dont expect Dead space scary) and I dont see the difference between AI and a friend or random person. If anything it would be scarier with a friend. Even if its a strictly linear experience who said that you have to be together in a co-op game you can split up or one of the characters could get stranded somewhere and you guys would have to meet up somewhere but this time you would be ALONE facing different challenges. Now that would be scary where you were so dependent on uour friend only to find yourself all ALONE! :D

iNcRiMiNaTi2353d ago

They better stick to it if there are any sequels. Uncharted didn't have MP but then they added it in UC2

RedDragan2353d ago


In this game you are the little girl. They said the story revolves around her, the big bad guy is the one who is doing the following.

It also explains this in a subtle way in the trailer itself, she was never out of scene... but the hard dude was. He was upstairs fighting and it was her when she was downstairs the camera was focused on nearly all times.

Darkfiber2353d ago

I doubt it will be more than 6-8 hours, and it doesn't look the least bit scary...I don't know what trailer you were watching.

antz11042353d ago

I like it a lot but can't help that multi (if done right) adds quite a bit to a game. Dead Space and Alan Wake were great....but L4D is still the one I play because of a great multi component.

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Micro_Sony2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I agree with no multiplayer needed when its being tacked on but when done right it adds value to your $60 purchase.

Here is hoping for a 2 or more player co-op in single player.

Also please do not let this be a Move only game. If its optional then that fine.

Rainstorm812354d ago

Lmao @ a Move only game

Yeah not likely

Pintheshadows2354d ago

Co-op + Survival horror = Mistake.

tubers2353d ago

I would love 2 player co-op.

I remember having one of my best console gaming moments with Obscure: Aftermath in split screen.

My friend and I kept laughing, shouting, getting shocked and solving puzzles with that!

Ah.. I wish it had co-op.

WitWolfy2353d ago

Dude call me a fanboy but ANYTHING ND touches turns to gold,so.... THIS IS A DAY ONE PURCHASE FOR ME!

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happyface2354d ago ShowReplies(10)
Thatguy-3102354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

That's great news :) now all their focus will be in creating a very character driven story. This will be like I Am Legend which isn't a bad thing because in that movie will smith had to use many tactics to stay alive. Hopefully we at least get co-op many people may think that it detracts from the survival/horror aspect but in reality it doesn't. The factor that creates that mood IMO is just the environment and the creatures your dealing with. For example, many like mentioning RE5 which wasn't a horror game and why because you did a lot of the gunning in bright sunlight and the environment you were in wasn't all that frighting plus you had the zombies with guns and cars -__-

beavis4play2353d ago

what is it with "i am legend"??
this doesn't seem like that as much as it seems like "stakeland" -
for example - the survival tactics are in stakeland (i hope last of us has the player trapping the creatures like in the movie!). mutated creatures - in stakeland. human enemies - in stakeland. middle-aged lead character with teen protege - ALSO in stakeland. limited ammo/supplies - also in stakeland.

doesn't anyone watch other movies besides "i am legend"???

antz11042353d ago

^ Dude this is totally I Am Legend. Stakeland was a great movie but this definately feels more like the latter.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2354d ago

the trailer alone should have told you the game was m rated.

Rainstorm812354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Great News on aiming for a M rating.... My hopes have been answered and this may be the next great survival horror game, the genre has been on life support other than Dead Space....Silent Hill and RE have been disappointments this gen

AW: American Horror looks pretty good too

GraveLord2354d ago

How is single-player only, good news?
Multiplayer is always welcome. Uncharted 2 and 3 multiplayer is solid.

GribbleGrunger2354d ago

clearly your not a child of this industry. anyone who has lived through all the generation will answer that question for you

Bathyj2354d ago

Mp gamers are well catered to. They dont have to have everything.

Why shoehorn an MP element that doesnt fit and steals resources (eg time and money).

Some games are just better off as single player.

MysticStrummer2353d ago

Yeah, because we need some tension killing co-op in a survival horror game, or maybe some competitive multiplayer that makes no sense for a game with this title and premise. Maybe some Capture the Flag.

pc_masterrace2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

It's unfortunate that Sony/ND didn't incorporate Co-Op as it would have been perfect fit for a game like LOU.

L4D for ps3...guess not. I'll still get it but it would have been nice to play with friends.

Panthers2353d ago

L4D is an action game. We need something this gen akin to that of Resident Evil and Silent Hill games of the PS1 days. And since Capcom is not going to deliver, then I am all for Naughty taking on the job.

Ever since UC1 I have been saying that ND should do a survival horror game with their engine. The part in the dark hallways with the monsters was genuinely scary. One of my favorite scenes from any Uncharted.

LettingGo2353d ago

L4D is already on PS3. It's called Payday: The Heist.

norman292353d ago

If its single player only them im guessing its open world (there is speculation whether its open world or like Uncharted) because they dont have to fill half the disk with online components, either that or its gonna be a nice long long game :)

andibandit2353d ago

My money is on it being like uncharted. Theres ALOT of extra work trying to build suspense in open world scenarios.
In games like UC(Not open world), you have alot of chokepoints where you know the player will pass soner or later. This allows for triggering all kinds of scary effects at these chokepoints.
From a business point of view, open world in this game, makes no sense

Gamer19822353d ago

Multiplayer can hurt a games development as devs can spend too much time working on it and fixing problems with it instead of single player. Bioshock is a perfect example of how a game can survive still if it has great single player.

StraightPath2353d ago

well uncharted multiplayer wasnt exactly amazing or popular so good idea to stick to single player.

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doctorstrange2354d ago

I love single player games.

shodaime2354d ago

yes, finally a SP game from ND. They'll be able to focus on what they do the best.

Truerandom2354d ago

He means no distractions, like the Uncharted 3 multi-player. So they can spend all of their resources on making the SP amazing.

Exquisik2354d ago


Yes, but Uncharted was an SP only game and so were the Jak & Daxter and Crash Bandicoot series.

rezzah2354d ago


Your point? UC was their first hit at a PS3 game.

The only reason why the other got better was because they learnt how to work with the PS3.

If they ignore the MP, can you imagine what more they can add to a single player game only?

theonlylolking2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Where have you been in the past 15 years of gaming?

LarVanian2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

You know, I've always loved those big exaggerated 18 signs on game covers, some of them practically take up the whole cover lol.
That said, the Uncharted games have never been overly violent. The most graphic moment I can remember from the series was Eddy Raja getting his neck bitten by a descendent. The Last of Us should give Naughty Dog the opportunity to show us how much detail they can put into violence and gore. Man I can't wait for this game!

Pintheshadows2354d ago

The trailer showed some great desperate violence. Especially with Ellie stabbing mushroomhead.

yesmynameissumo2354d ago

No multi-player? No problem. I can't wait for this damn game!!

andibandit2353d ago

Wish i could say the same. My gf likes to play games with me, so i spend most of my money on games we can play together. She wont be too happy if i spend 50$ on a game just for me, so it's bargain bin for me.

Panzerkanzler2353d ago

Really? Then tell her stop stop being cheap, get a job of her own, and buy her own damn games. Or you can just leave your balls in her clenched fist and go on to live like a peon.

antz11042353d ago

^ Lol, wow! Someones carrying some baggage :D