200° PS3 Themes can now directly download to PS3

PSU writes:

"PlayStation Universe would like to inform our visitor that the PSU Themes section has now accumulated more than 400 different themes since launching little over three weeks ago.

Those of you who are new to this feature should perhaps be interested to know we have made your job a lot easier by implementing a tab system to organise theme content, in addition to an all-new ratings system.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, users are now able to direct download any chosen theme from the website straight to your PlayStation 3 using the consoles web browser, by saving the .p3t file in the 'Photos' folder. "

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UnblessedSoul3908d ago

Awesome just downloaded some works perfectly

Fighter3908d ago

Some of them are pure awesome, some of them are comedic (RROD theme LOL) and it's growing everyday. Good to know that it's all free.

unlimited3908d ago

If you know Microsoft they would charge for

Rice3908d ago

LOL, RROD theme.....
Good thing we don't have to pay or else i would be broke, especially in 2008....


mighty_douche3908d ago

whith this and PS3-themes allowing you to download and install straight from the playstation browser ill never need my flash key again....

marc 19753908d ago

that thing is truly amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.