9.0 Give Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: 9/10 writes:

"Yes, from the makers of Crash Bandicoot and Jak X: Combat Racing comes… one of the best games of the year? That can't be right, surely? Believe it, people. Whatever your preconceptions of Naughty Dog may be (we're standing by the original Jak & Daxter, even if the characters did grow more hateful as the franchise went on), Uncharted is not the product of the developer you once knew. This is a newly mature Naughty Dog, done with flirting with sub-Disney sidekicks and misguided spin-off titles, finally ready to show the world what it can really do. And hot damn, what a show they've got in store for you."

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shmee3881d ago

Uncharted is surely GOTY 2007

ruibing3881d ago

I still can't believe the low score they gave R&C.

shmee3881d ago

so a 9 from them is like a 10 from other

a 9 from EUROGAMER for a ps3 game is like a 10 from others

OFCOURSE GA*SPOT would give any ps3 game a bad score. That is the worst site in gaming history

RATCHET and UNCHARTED ---ps3 now has 2 AAA in a row

ofcourse RESISTANCE and MOTORSTORM are AAA as well. same goes to HS

Ps3 now has the best gaming library

Voice of Reason3880d ago

ruibing, it was Games TM ('Games', not 'Gamer') that gave R&C the infamous 6/10. It's a games mag here in the UK and as far as I know, they're not related to

I actually cancelled my subscription to Games TM when they gave it that score. The mag has sucked for a couple of years now and that was the final straw.

Meus Renaissance3881d ago

These latest reviews aren't even being added to the Gamerankings site.

deeznuts3880d ago

What do you expect, it's owned by cnet (so is G*spot, metacritic, and gamerfaqs) lol.

dhammalama3881d ago

Probably not, especially if you like FPS. Although, I'd definitely agree that it has the best variety of awesome exclusives and the most attractive lineup of upcoming games.

LSDARBY3881d ago

This really wont get game of the year, it may have glowing reviews but it wasnt hyped up enough and so its not gonna get what it deserves.

techie3881d ago

They are usually harsh. 6/10 for AC, 7/10 Resistance. So me likes

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The story is too old to be commented.