Lead Enslaved designer working on The Last of Us, no new details soon

It’s now revealed that the lead designer of Enslaved Mark Richard Davies is currently developing the game and has moved over to Naughty Dog from Ninja Theory.

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-Alpha2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Guess that's good, Enslaved was well received. Secondary Naughty Dog team eh? Does this leave room for Team 1 to do Unkarted?

cyborg2355d ago

the UC team has moved on to developing Uncharted 4 and it'll be a launch title for PS4.

-Alpha2355d ago

I'll continue crossing my fingers for Jak 4

malol2355d ago

Enslaved SUCKED ASS !!!

Truerandom2355d ago

It's in good hands. The director of Uncharted 2 is directing this.

Who knows, maybe the B team was developing Uncharted 3. 834h472kmfs8/

yesmynameissumo2355d ago

I don't think Naughty Dog has a B team.

DaveMan2355d ago

the levels in enslaved weren't really that well designed if you ask much handholding in terms of platforming if you ask me...the levels themseleves though were quite beautiful and never felt repetitive though.

That said, this is Naughty Dog. I'm sure they'll have a fair shake of input in the final level design as well.

cloud4952355d ago

I think after they finished Uncharted 3 they joined team 2 and started to help with the last of us.

cjflora2355d ago

Enslaved was kind of disappointing. The story was great, the environment was interesting, but the overall gameplay was a major letdown for me. That mixed with Ninja Theory's tenancy to blame their failures on anyone but themselves has made me lose a lot of respect for that team.

miyamoto2355d ago

So NT's best guy left. Oh Capcom DMC s screwed again?

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Troll-without-Bridge2355d ago

Oh god no. Enslaved was extremely poorly designed.

Kingdom Come2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Funny, because I remember it being well received (Critically) and featured some of the best Videogame Motion Capture with Andy Serkis...

SolidGear32355d ago

Enslaved was incredible. Can't wait for Enslaved 2!

Troll-without-Bridge2355d ago

yeah it was incredible not having to play the game, and making uncharted seem like it has tons of freedom by comparison.

perfectCarbonara2355d ago

It don't matter, so long as it has the Naughty Dog stamp of approval in the end it's gonna be good.

Tell me I'm lying !

Pintheshadows2355d ago

Doesn't mean that this ONE guy will have a dramatic effect on the level design of The Last of Us. They probably headhunted him.

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jspencep2355d ago

No more news for a while?
That makes me sad :/

colonel1792355d ago

There most likely be more info during E3 2012, even if it's just a new trailer.

Something that got my attention was the emphasis on the fact that the trailer was taken from the Playstation 3. Will this be the last (one of the last) PS3 games, or will they release it as a PS4 launch title?

A similar thing happened with God of War 2; they needed to decide whether to keep working on it as a PS2 title, or move development to the PS3. So what would it be for Last of Us?

cloud4952355d ago

It probably won't be a PS4 title as it's been rumoured to be in development for 2 years and is coming out in 2012. The PS4 will most likely come out in 2013/14.

But this is probably ND's last PS3 game. But who knows, ND surprised me with this announcement.

miyamoto2355d ago

Top notch Graphics like this only tells that the PS3 is going to stay a lil bit longer. And considering the PS2 installed based by the 5th year looks like an Uncharted 4 is on the way too. PS3 graphics continues ti grow just like Hirai said. That was his word of honor.
I am pretty much content games look like this for the next few years as long as they polish the gameplay smoothly

Malice-Flare2355d ago

i blame Ninja Theory's headman Tameem for Enslaved's execution and i will blame him for the "DmC" debacle...

i'm not surprised he is still not at Ninja Theory given his former boss' attitude...

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