The Last of Us Trailer Rendered in Real Time on The PS3

That trailer you saw for The Last of Us was no CGI gimmick. Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells tweets that it was rendered in real time on the PS3. What does this mean for the upcoming post-apocalyptic survival PS3 exclusive?

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piroh2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )


Naughty Dog you're the man

Nitrowolf22355d ago

These graphics are just amazing. It's day one,not cause of the trailer but because it's from Naughty Dog. They know how to make quality games


lots of lasts....but definatly first when it comes to exclusive gaming pleasure!

piroh2355d ago

Kutaragi-san knows best

PLASTICA-MAN2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

SURELY IT WAS, and it will look even better next year!

BTW, this second studio of Naught Dog should be THE MAIN Studio, instead of Uncharted studio caliming they reached PS3 full potential in Uncharted 2 and couldn't get beyond, then what is this? PS4? Ah Jason Rubin, where are you? Only you are the true spirit of Naughty Dog, make the 3rd studio and make PS5 like game.

Iroquois_Pliskin2355d ago

Of course it is! ND doesnt know what CGI is

darthv722355d ago

was the last of us the only thing revealed? I didnt watch the show and am just now reading bits and pieces about this game.

Also, yes this is a high quality render. If this cutscene looks this good I can only imagine the actual gameplay will be just as good.

Looks like an I am legend sort of game.

rexbolt2355d ago

i dont care for the grafics but this game looks intresting thats for sure

Nitrowolf22355d ago


true, but e know that Naughty Dog can deliver both graphics and excellent gameplay. Seriously they are the only Dev I know that could keep a perfect balance of everything, except maybe their Multiplayer part, other wise anything when it comes to single player they have excellent story, graphics, and gameplay.

NewMonday2355d ago

ND should let all 1st party devs use the engine

nix2355d ago

Wow... so many bitter fanboys on this thread (below)... lol.

i feel for you all.

Lazy_Sunday2354d ago

Not to be a troll, but I want to see a Naughty Dog game on PC. Just imagine what they'd be capable of if this is how they dev on the PS3. If only consoles had upgradeable GPUs... it would be such a mess though :\

AC130-Gunship2354d ago

I for one will have to see game play and possibly a Demo. I bought UC3 expecting the level of quality I have seen in "the last of us" trailer.

I definitely believe the team that worked on UC2 worked on "the last of us" instead of UC3. UC3 was handle by a new dev team altogether. The realization has blown my excitement for the UC series.

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MoXxXi2355d ago

When I read that it was rendered on console, I was amazed. Then I saw it was Naughty Dog and I wasn't surprised. Still great graphics. This was the only good thing to come out of the VGAs this year, lol.

Panthers2354d ago

True. I am looking forward to C&C Generals 2 and was happy to see Bioware behind it, but otherwise Last Of Us stole the show.

Peppy la Moca2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

@phoenix,you mentioned 2 games with last in the title and then you say "lots of lasts". can't imagine what 3 games with last in the title would be to you then. a plethora? just having a laugh.

on topic, looking forward to hearing more about this title


Why Naugthy Dog don't tell how to Develop on PS3 to the 3rd Party Devs? Why? Why?

osamaq2354d ago

In engine does not mean in real time!!

Rourker2354d ago

Yes, but rendered in real time means rendered in real time. Like it says if you were to read it. Not to be a dick or anything.

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senorwakko2355d ago

Looks like a game I will be keeping an eye on.

cstyle2355d ago

You guys know damn well the game won't look that good.

rocky0475862355d ago

Uh why not? Uncharted 3 looks "that good" so why wouldn't this game look better than Uncharted 3?

MoXxXi2355d ago

What that guy said. I mean dam, Uncharted 3 looked bloody fantastic. Why expect anything less from Naughty Dog?

chiwoo2355d ago

People said the same thing about Uncharted 2 and 3 when they saw gameplay they shutup.

HappyWithOneBubble2355d ago

LOL it's gonna be ok server-1. You got that flash light game to play.

2355d ago
Kingdom Come2355d ago

Why must people be as pathetic as to argue over sales? People could easily mention Resistence 3, which was most likely bigger budget and sold 180,000 Copies in it's first month compared to Gears of War 3's 3.5 Million in it's first week. What I don't understand is why the Playstation community brag about having a huge catalogue of exclusives only to not buy them. And you bring Alan Wakes sales into an argument started through the denial of this not being gameplay, which it isn't. I can honestly say I'll be buying this game day one, but the fact remains this isn't gameplay, just like how last years Uncharted 3 VGA trailer was supposedly ingame, yet wasn't. Just enjoy the trailer and the prospect of having a great game releasing next year and quit being so pathetic...

Why o why2355d ago

Simple economics. If you have the choice of 10 and the budget for 5 somethings gotta give but if you have the choice of 3 and the budget for 3 the likelyhood is youll probably get all 3. Let one set celebrate games and the other great sales of the MINORITY of their games. Npd still getting banded around which is just as silly as downplaying alan wake which i really enjoyed so for me as a single entity on this planet my enjoyment is what counts not what the masses flock as long as i enjoyed alan wake yakuza 4 resistance 3 3d dot game heros or any other game that didnt shine on npd i couldnt give two sh!ts what sells a gamer not an accountant.... Smh

orange-skittle2354d ago

Well put KINGDOM. These fools think that the game will actually look like the trailer. I guess they forgot that trailer with Drake walking in the desert was supposed to be in-game graphics as well. What a big surprise when the game was actually released.

The game will look similar to the trailer but dont expect those surreal visuals. The title does look promising though. BTW, Alan Wake is PS3 Fanboys only fight when comparing exclusives. Ask them about the Resistance series, God of War series, and Uncharted series. None of those IPs ever sold more than a Halo series or the Gears of War series. Great IPs that dont get support from these fanboys that like to talk sh!t. I am definitley picking this game up because I love the uncharted seies, but part 3 was a let down. The story was dumb and I hated the missions with younger Drake. Even the drugged up stages sucked. The ending was tooooo corny

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NiKK_4192355d ago

Why not? That's exactly what the game will look like, because it's all in-game... There's no CGI there. Naughty Dog doesn't use CGI to make their game look better, they let the game talk for itself. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Eyesoftheraven2355d ago

The edges are too smooth and the level of detail is sharp both near and far to be real time quality. Its got to be per-rendered in-engine footage. Evan Wells said nothing about rendered in real-time on PS3, just captured. Don't go twisting tweets for hits now.

Imalwaysright2355d ago

Yeah pre-rendered in-engine footage just like Uncharted's cutscenes.

Eyesoftheraven2355d ago

Exactly. Though if that turns out to be the case, there's still an obvious improvement in graphics here. From lighting, to textures, animations, etc..

Apotheosize2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Its funny that people think the game will actually look/play like this. CGI movies from Pixar look like this. Guess what? thats also "in-game engine", doesnt mean its not pre-rendered though. Game will look good but dont expect miracles guys

CGI-Quality2355d ago

CGI movies look better than this. And if you mistook this trailer's quality for such, it must look pretty damn good. Either way, anyone that's invested any sizable amount of time in the Uncharted series knows Naughty Dog doesn't do CGI and their cutscenes are entirely in-engine (the ones that cut to black that is, all the others are pulled directly from gameplay).

Dee_912355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Do you know the difference between a CGI pre rendered and a real time cut scene ?
Im assuming not lol

Uncharted does rendered real time cut scenes.That why the transition from cut scene to gameplay is almost seemless ( which is what im assuming this game will be doing.So what you see there will more than likely look just as good in gameplay). Thats not exactly the same as pre rendered cutscene.Most games use CGI and or pre-rendered cutscenes
Heavy Rain used actual real time cutscenes along with pre rendered cutscenes.

2355d ago
SweatyFlorida2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Pre-rendered yes, CGI no. I imported the trailer to my Ps3, and slowed it down. There's considerable areas/tidbits that do not qualify for CGI, so it must be in-engine. CGI is basically perfect, look at Final Fantasy trailers, or even the Tomb Raider trailer shown at E3, every little detail is clean, crisp, and perfect. Slow the trailer down on an HDTV and if you have any knowledge in graphics then you would know it's not CGI.

It was sad to see all the "other" people in denial about it being in-game/in-engine one the trailers first got uploaded and this info wasn't given. Well I know that the truth isn't gonna hurt me ;)

modesign2355d ago

xbots still cant grasp the power of the ps3, but keep crying with your dvd9 compressions.

"but but, the xbox cant do this, so neither can the ps3" boo hoo hooo. keep crying fanbot.

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