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Forbidden_Darkness1687d ago

I can't wait for this game! Makes me love being a gamer, with all of these amazing games that keep coming out.

NegativeCreep4271687d ago

But after seeing MGRising: Revengeance, I can't help but view this game as a subordinate. As an underdog.

Daver1687d ago

Me its the opposite lol, after seeing MGS rising i was very disappointed.

Anyway, this game will rock if its at least as good as the 1st one, loved it.

wotta1687d ago

Darksiders was an amazing game. It has the best ending to any game ever. Can't wait for this game.

krisq1687d ago

Only a moron would disagree with you. Can't wait either!

D3mons0ul1687d ago

Darksiders 3: Pestilence

Make it happen. I'd love to play as a disease based character, using various forms of DOTs. (damage over time)