PC Review - 'Gears of War' - 9.4/10

It's no surprise to anyone that Gears of War eventually made its way to the PC market, going by the title's successful run on the Xbox 360 and how often the PC gaming community has asked Microsoft for it. The PC port of Gears of War doesn't have an incredibly large list of differences or many new features from its console cousin, but despite the title's relative age, the gameplay proves that it simply doesn't need that crutch to attract PC gamers who are looking for a quality shooter this holiday season.

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gw4k3877d ago

Since I played it on the 360 already, i think i will pass on the pc port.

Rice3877d ago

I wonder how Gears of War will play, using a keyboard and a mouse....

Antiomo3877d ago

The only guns I use are shutgun and machine gun.

Rarely used the famed chainsaw because I knockem dead before they even come close to me.

ps43877d ago

i have it and i use my 360 controler its da shzzt get its a must have play it on your hd tv your big screen.

TheIneffableBob3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The game plays more smoothly and has better control, consequently making the game more fun. Also, due to the keyboard and mouse, the game is a little bit easier. On hard, during the parts where you face the Berserker, I died several times when I played the 360 version; on the PC, however, I didn't die once.

Personally, I'd score the game an 8.0/10.0.

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