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shodaime2080d ago

too much awesome. Can't wait to play this.

Dante1122080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

SWEET! A "true" survival horror game. I'm glad that the two characters were actually trying to get away from those things rather than going "Rambo" and facing them with Shotguns and Gatling guns like most so called survival horror games do lol. Naughty Dog, work your magic.

zeeshan2080d ago

Only mad people can come up with such awesome stuff and by mad, I mean mind blowing, extra ordinary team of extremely smart people! I can't believe PS3 can pull them kinda graphics. This trailer easily surpassed Uncharted 3 when it comes to graphics and pure quality. And surpassing Uncharted 3 is NOT an easy feat my friends. I have NEVER been this hyped about a new game because even as it is right now, it is screaming pure quality. ND should be officially crowned as the best devs on this planet!

MaxXAttaxX2080d ago

It's not horror. It's survival.

Blogz4Fanboyz2080d ago

now that looked really good. co-op confirmed as well??

RedDead2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

It's survival action whatever that means, horror isn't mentioned anywhere, so we can assume they ain't trying to make a scary game. Unless you have a fear of the infected. Compare it to a normal zombie action game, then add survival elements?

And Binarymind/ This is in engine, not in game, cutscenes in Uncharted look a good bit better than gameplay, and the trailers looked alot better than the final game(cutscene's included). So we can assume this will be a minor upgrade to U3's graphics.

ikkokucrisis2080d ago

YOu knw that problm you get when you cn't spell proprly becuz you jst saw somthing totlly awesome?! ijustgottaht!

RumbleFish2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

@RedDeadDestroyer: I agree what you said about the gfx!

BattleAxe2079d ago

Looks awesome. The Xbox 720 is going to have a tough time matching those graphics.

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BinaryMind2080d ago

Someone please explain to me why we need new consoles next year if games look this amazing?

BuffMordecai2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Just so we can have even more amazing games, not that I'm in any rush. If developers can make this now, imagine what they can make with future tech.

cloud4952080d ago

I know. Their are so many exclusives and multi-platform games coming out in 2012 why would you need a new console?

SuperM2080d ago

Sadly only amazing developers like Naughty Dog manage to pull of these kinds of graphics. We may not need new consoles yet but in 2 years its about time.

hesido2080d ago

This is why I'll be waiting for PS4 slim. These games will make the waiting much more easier.

zeeshan2080d ago

Why I tell you why mister :)

See if the devs can do THIS with the current-gen consoles that can be easily called as OUTDATED tech, then IMAGINE what they can achieve when they receive new toys and dev kits from Sony and M$. No really, they'll make us shit our pants come next gen :D

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showtimefolks2080d ago

It's ND so I am super excited and if done right this could have potential

zeeshan2080d ago

IF DONE RIGHT? It's ND we are talking about. Like there is any other possibility :D Yeah, I am in an over hyped mode my friend!

TheLog2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )


I would finally buy a PS3 for this game. First i must see a real gameplay video to see if the quality is close to the trailer and then make sure its not an 8 to 10 hour game.

Bathyj2080d ago

So what if it is an 8 or 10 hour game? 90% of games this gen are 8 or 10 hours and weve had some great games.

Would it neccessarily be better if it were 20 hours?

Neko_Mega2080d ago

Skyrim isn't 8 to 10 hours long, most games that are build on looking real are short and the ones that aren't.

Well they get long hours of gameplay, Disgaea does that.

cochise3132080d ago

If you haven't bought a ps3 by now then you're either a fanboy or don't like good games.

TheLog2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Would it neccessarily be better if it were 20 hours?

It would just mean that this game is worth my $60. If not i will wait till it goes down to half price and if there is no replayability i'll just rent it for 2 days.

NoobSessions2080d ago

I somewhat agree with you. Unfortunately, I'm not able to throw my cash around.. I either rent or buy when $20-30 games that are 8-10 hours long with no MP. It sucks cause the awesome devs deserve awesome sales

lumley6662080d ago

oh how we ps3 gamers get spoilt yr in yr out lol

princejb1342079d ago

uncharted meets resident evil world, lets get it on
i want this nowwwww

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Rainstorm812080d ago

Im just hoping for a M rating

colonel1792080d ago

I just hope is not in 3D... I don't want it to suffer technically because of it.

blumatt2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I wouldn't say that 3D would necessarily make it suffer technically. Uncharted 3 was 3D-capable, yet had amazing graphics still.

Though I couldn't care either way, I think that the fact that Sony adding 3D support to a lot of its games is a great idea. I'm sure that next generation, there will be even more games with 3D support. It might even be standard on all games by then.

guitar_nerd_232080d ago

I hope it is in 3d, the 3d in Uncharted 3 is fantastic!

colonel1792080d ago

3D is fine, but Uncharted took a heavy hit because go it. Just look at the pictures from E3 trailer compared to the final game. (There was a story about it here). Then, when the game is in 3D, although impressive, it takes another hit.

That is why I wouldn't like the game to be in 3D. It is unlikely though.