Warner's 300 Shines At High-Def 2.0's High-Def Disc Awards

Voted on by a panel of critics/bloggers, the "High-Def Disc Awards" featured winners in 11 categories. The top dog of the event was hands down the epic '300' from Warner Home Video, which won for HD Title of the Year and Best Bonus Feature.

Here is the full list of winners:

High Def Title of the Year: 300 (Blu-ray), Warner Home Video

Best Live-Action Blu-ray: Casino Royale, Sony Pictures

Best Live-Action HD DVD: Hot Fuzz, Universal Studios

Best Picture Quality: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Blu-ray),

Best Audio Quality: Transformers (HD DVD), Paramount

Best Bonus Feature: 300 (HD DVD), Bluescreen PiP, Warner Home Video

Most Innovative Use of New Technology: HD DVD U-Shop feature

Best Long-Form Music Video: Dave Mathews: Live at Radio (Blu-ray), Sony BMG

Best Catalog: Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut, 20th Century Fox

Best Collection/Multidisc Set: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Sony Pictures

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MK_Red3821d ago

WTF!? Transformers HD won the audio award? Wasn't everyone talking about it's audio problems?

Fighter3821d ago

I did some checking on the audio reviews for Transformers HD from many sites and they all gave it high scores but were disappointed by the sound options in general.

Bladestar3821d ago

What does that tell you about Sony fanboys? always bashing this movie because it didn't have the ultimate sound bla bla bla?
I tell you what though... This award is a good as the others.. so if this award is wrong.. so are the others blu-ray got...
Funny stuff...

Fighter3821d ago

I wasn' bashing the HD DVD award for best sound but just confirming what most reviewers (hidefdigest being one) said about the sound but an HDTV podcast praised it so to each their own, right? If I ever see a $100 HD DVD player that outputs 1080p the I will definitely pick up Transformers as well as Battlestar Galactica season 1.

Jeez lighten up and stop blaming Sony fanboys because that's all you do and your bubbles get taken away all the time. But you always get them back in some mysterious way.

cuco333821d ago

It was Blu-ray and PS3 fanboys preaching about how it had a lossy track and not lossless

This was also preached HEAVILY by those who don't have the ears nor equipment to even start talking about lossless vs lossy debate. You know, those PS3s that aren't attached via HDMI to an HDMI reciever capable of decoding and bitsreaming DTS-HS MA and TrueHD lossless tracks, for example...

TF - HD DVD sounds GREAT. Don't knock it till you try it.

Marceles3821d ago

Best Picture Quality: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (Blu-ray)

And weren't people talking about some kind of picture problem with Pirates? These awards are confusing lol...

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crazy250003821d ago

300 is the only blu ray i own currently, i just use netflix to see what else i want to buy

im hoping to get casino royale, hope the pq and aq is pretty high.....anyone know if transformers is comin to blu ray?

Fighter3821d ago

Transformers not coming to Blu-ray until the contract between Paramount and HD DVD gets over.

mighty_douche3821d ago

Casino Royale has the best pq and sq that ive seen from a blu-ray/HD-DVD yet. its really nice : )

pacman6153821d ago

when hot fuzz wins best action ....i would have voted for matrix collection at least ....

cuco333821d ago

Hot Fuzz is praised HEAVILY for how great it looks/sounds. The PQ is top notch on it. It's one of those films that the transfer to HD was done... just right. Matrix is great, but Hot Fuzz from beginning to end is just HD goodness all the way through. I know a lot of neutral owners who preach it as one of their top reference titles, as it rightful should be.

Fighter3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

It had better audio and they probably considered the sales as well. I'm still waiting for a special edition of 300 next year which will most likely have the PIP feature once Blu-ray gets the new firmware update.

theox2g73821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

unless u're a dog, u couldnt tell the difference between the lossless and the compressed audio on a standard 7.1 system, even with a $7000 sound system, it's still hard to tell, the audio is truly amazing but bluray fans just want to find something to bash hd dvd with, that's why it was such a big deal, imo i think most die hard bluray fans are hurting themselves, if u can afford a bluray player and a 1080p tv, u most definitely can afford a $200 hd dvd player which comes with free movies, just get that for the exclusives for the mean time, sony may have more companies backing them but hd dvd still has some great exclusive titles especially the classic old movies like Star Trek, ghost, forrest gump, i dont know about u but for me, seeing these titles in high def would be truly nostalgic, bluray also has its fair share of even greater titles as well, cant wait for the disney classic goodies,
this is the one of the main reasons why bluray is still outselling hd dvd 2:1, because the bluray demographic is richer and have more purchasing power for the discs with heavy price tags due to price range whiles with $98 hd dvd players flying around, the average joe cant afford the $25 hd dvd disc so he sticks with dvds or netflix
and BTW did u know some of the bluray exclusives like Rise of the Silver surfer(Germany), Prestige(UK), The Island(UK), Bridge to Terabithia(Italy), Ghost Rider(France) can be found on hd dvd internationally, u just have to order overseas, same for a few hd dvd exclusives on bluray as well, look it up if u have either of the formats but note that these are movies from studios who dont provide exclusive support to either formats

HD DVD FTW at the moment, BLURAY FTW Forever

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