eGamer Awards 2011: Best Graphics

eGamer checks out the best-looking games of 2011, and determines which of them stands above the rest.

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hiredhelp2359d ago

and bf3 didnt even win 1 on VGA awards total rubbish.

Tody_ZA2359d ago

VGA's are always a little weird. BF3 wasn't nominated for Best Graphics category.

We (eGamer) gave best FPS to Battlefield 3 and it tied a win for Best Graphics.

We didn't nominate Crysis 2 because we felt Battlefield 3 was a better choice. We have a limited number of nominees, and we wanted to acknowledge artistically brilliant games as well.

We're not 100% right, as awards are just opinions after all. :)

hiredhelp2359d ago

i commend you for stating that you dont always get it right. and that its opinion i understand your limited.
But crysis 2 even on consoles its one of the best engines and gave the ppl a chance on consoles what crysis was all about. how it play's very differnt to other FPS.

rbluetank2359d ago

good choices.. i might of gave the edge to Rayman. all the games nominated were graphical beast in their own right... you guy's/girls at EGAMER did a good job of being fair.... this is all me as a gamer wants... the VGA sucked bad this year. i will not watch it again live. i will wait for the winner to be announce on N4G...

Tody_ZA2352d ago

Thanks bud! :)
Yeah, Rayman was a really strong contender, but as you saw from our conclusion it was a pretty big dilemma when the three of those games were put up against each other.

Yeah, the VGAs always boggle me, and I'm not quite sure how they select their nominees or make up their minds about anything really. I mean, I don't think I saw Battlefield 3 or Rayman: Origins getting nominated for Best Graphics, but I don't think they consider artistic games in that category.