Good Games That Won't Win GOTY

TheParanoidGamer writes: "2011 has been a fantastic year for gaming, with developers showing that they really know how to take advantage of the PS3 and Xbox 360; dishing out games with both quality and innovation. As the year comes to a close, lots of gaming websites will begin picking their choices for the best game of the year, and while many games will be nominated, very few will actually walk away with this coveted award. Like the title says, I believe that all (well, most) of the games below are very good, and have a chance of being nominated for Game of the Year, and on some web-sites/media, may even win. My intention isn’t to belittle these games at all, but I believe that on most gaming sites these games won’t win GOTY, and here’s why."

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dinkeldinkse2289d ago

Duke Nukem Forever and Call of Juarez: Cartel?

SolidGear32289d ago

They forgot Catherine. My GOTY..

xyxzor2289d ago

Really need to try that. Liked the demo.

clarick012289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

there was a lot that i wanted to add, but couldn't add with any good explanation. i didn't play some games, and didn't know how to explain why some weren't were worthy. i tried, know that, but couldn't.

Venox20082289d ago

Shadows of the damned
Child of eden