EA won't rule out further developer acquisitions

Following the merger of Activision and Vivendi Games, Electronic Arts has told that there is always a possibility of further acquisitions by the publishing giant.

EA Partners' Nick Button-Brown, speaking at GDC Lyon, also said that he believes the Activision Blizzard deal was necessary for Vivendi, although he doesn't expect to see any real effects of the merger for at least six months.

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MK_Red3757d ago

Of course they won't. This is the world eating EA we're talking about. They ate BioWare and nothing is stopping them from similair actions.

predator3757d ago

unless ms and sony get in their first

predator3757d ago

come on ms and sony get ur wallets out and save these developers of EA's glare

HarryEtTubMan3757d ago

MS doesn't buy studios but Sony just bought evolution and owns around 8-10 more.

predator3757d ago

EA are upping there shares in ubisoft

Multigamer3757d ago

ea are not all that bad actually, juts been thinkin of some of the games they have, burnout, c&c, army of 2 etc

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