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Lavalamp2325d ago

Platinum Games! You have my hype!

blaaah2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Platinum developed madword right? Don't get me wrong, it was a good game.. but no where near the standards of Kojima's Metal Gear.

Oh how wonderful, teh videoz was claimed by da copyrightz!

Lavalamp2325d ago

Platinum developed Madworld, Bayonetta, and Vanquish. I'd say they are definitely the right team for this sort of game. And for the purists, they dropped the 'Solid' tag, so let's all enjoy the campy spinoff.

Parapraxis2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Platinum made Vanquish, That's enough to make me very interested. Now I am super-psyched for MG Rising.
TPS fans who have skipped out on Vanquish need to get it asap. Throw it on your christmas lists, it can probably be found for a good price.
(People who disagree have not played Vanquish)

gaffyh2325d ago

Ok so just watched it, and being a huge fan of MGS games, I'm not impressed. Platinum Games make games with great gameplay, but their stories ALWAYS suck (going back to DMC1 even, which was a great game), and this looks exactly the same. MGS is all about story, but they've totally chees-ified it. Even the colours and the environments look nothing like a Metal Gear game, as it's overall a little too bright.

I'll probably still play it, but I doubt it will feel like an MGS. It looks more like Ninja Gaiden+Bayonetta.

MaxXAttaxX2325d ago

It's the same engine, right?
They probably downgraded it to make it multiplatform.

Blacktric2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Wow seriously? All these disagrees for the people who liked the idea of Platinum developing the game? I mean haven't they already proved themselves to be one of the best action game developers with titles like Madworld, Bayonetta and Vanquish?

"Ok so just watched it, and being a huge fan of MGS games, I'm not impressed. Platinum Games make games with great gameplay, but their stories ALWAYS suck..."

Rising was never intended to be a pure Metal Gear Solid game. It just bears the series' name and takes place in the same universe but its a spinoff. Also, the production is overseed by Kojima himself. What else do you people are expecting from a spinoff?

Razmossis2325d ago

Everyone that said "it's not a Metal Gear" over the past year... have been bloody right.

Seriously, get Metal Gear out of that title NOW!

gaffyh2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

@Blacktric - Konami assured us that this was totally an MGS game. That is the reason I have issue with some of the stuff in this trailer. It'll probably be a fine game, but doesn't feel like MGS from this trailer.

Pacman3212325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

They really shouldn't have put "Metal Gear" in it's title, as this is not a Metal Gear game. This is just a spin off.

Why o why2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

i wasnt expecting a 'traditional' metal gear so im not gunna act all surprised and pissed now. Looks like it may have too many cutscenes for those who complained about mgs4s ones....u know the things that are tied heavily to modern metal gear games. This is more action based but i can see it too will probably feature many cutscenes either way im still interested


well its always been a spin off. More scope for adjustments. If somebody asked me if i could have a hack n slash in the metal gear universe i'd bite their hand off. Lets hope it pays off. It would be dumb to want this to end badly...thats not gamerish

Eamon2325d ago

Basically, after the hiatus and silence after E3 2010's trailer, it seems the game went back to the drawing board.

The whole initial concept is no where to be seen. This trailer showed nothing of Zan-Datsu. It seems that the promises of how MGS:R would allow the player to play stealthily have been discarded.

Now Platinum is developing and the original Producer was dropped, this confirms that MGS:R went back to the drawing board and has completely changed from its initial concept.

I have mixed feelings about this. The theme is completely different from past MGS games. The realism and tactical action we saw in the E3 2010 trailer seems to be gone and replaced by a proper hack and slash gameplay.

Not sure if I'm happy or upset to be honest.

hqgamez2325d ago

Looks like Kojima and his crew left this step child.
Gosh MGS4 came out a while back and has better graphics. It was ps3 exclusive!
Now you had it over to a developer that can't do anything decent for ps3.
We All Saw Bayonetta

NeoBasch2325d ago

Platinum had nothing to do with the PS3 port. If you want to see how well they do when they lead on PS3, check out Vanquish (from the director of Resident Evil 4). Platinum Games is one of my favorite developers alongside Naughty Dog, Remedy, Valve, Sony Santa Monica, and Rocksteady.

JaredH2325d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

I don't know what to think about this. I loved Bayonetta and Vanquish but this trailer was edited to be so cheesy. It was just random words flashing to a guitar cut in with gameplay. When it zoomed closer to Raiden's face for every noise I was stunned.

malol2324d ago


so much with all the (kojima working on it)
its just MGS and Kojima name on this POS

Darrius Cole2324d ago

Well this explains why we haven't seen Bayonetta 2.

This game may be Metal Gear, but its not 'Solid'.

I'll still buy it though unless I hear very bad things about it. I like hack and slash. I loved Bayonetta even though I had to buy it on 360. I really loved Metal Gear Solid. Putting the two together has to work, especially if Kojima-san is to make sure it is up to standard.

This game is being made for the Metal Gear Solid fanbase so it has to run well on PS3. It would be absolutely stupid if it was another 360 first title that has a flawed PS3 port.

sikbeta2324d ago

Doesn't look that good, sorry had to say it :P

Sevir2324d ago

The engine under went plenty of change, Art direction is a little brighter but it does have the yellowish brown/golden screen toning that MGS games are known for, And I loved Vanquish so i'm sold on this.

Whats cool about this is that the rumors about this that was so debunked months ago are "true" which ties quite well into why the game was strangely absent from E3 this year, and also goes with Geoff's tweet about what's really the "truth" behind Kojima's reveal tonight! Call me crazy but i'm hyped about this! :-) Ready for this game!

ABizzel12324d ago

I must say it's not what I was expecting at all. It's full on hack and slash and it still looks a way off (Currently gameplay looks like a slight improvement over the generic dynasty warrior hack and slash), but knowing Platinum games reputation the gameplay should be top notch by launch.

I must say I was expecting it to be a bit more Metal Gear, than over the top Bayonetta like action.

I'm not disappointed just confused.

christian hour2324d ago

Yeah I say take out the metal gear, Call it Reveangence Rising, and in small tiny letters on the box somewhere (a metal gear story) If its not being developed by Kojima Productions then its not going to have that metal gear feel, its a spin off, let it be a spin off, remove the metal gear part, you dont see other spin offs doing that, if they did you'd have shows called Friends:Joey!, Dr Who:The Sara Jane whatevers, , Buffy: minus buffy (angel), Cheers: What frasier does outside of the bar, Family (Black) Guy etc.

CarlosX3602324d ago

But..but....RAIDEN literally freakin' held a METAL GEAR!

How can you guys not be excited by that. Literally holding METAL GEAR!? Awe c'mon! You guys not excited about that!?

I am. And my body is ready.

SilentNegotiator2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

"Wow seriously? All these disagrees for the people who liked the idea of Platinum developing the game? I mean haven't they already proved themselves to be one of the best action game developers with titles like Madworld, Bayonetta and Vanquish?"

Vanquish was an over-hyped game that was too short and had poorly balanced energy. Madworld was a meh-fest. As for Bayonetta, it was good but didn't have much focus to its combat.

If that lineup makes them "one of the best action game developers"...

Gamer19822324d ago

The point is here Kojima studios is not making the game so it won't be the same calibre as previous games. Then again it is a spin off so we should expect this. Don't get me wrong Titanium made some quality games but this is Metal Gear here one of the most successful franchises in gaming history and lets be honest they only work as well when the original developers make them. Halo Wars is an example and although not a AAA franchise Crackdown is another perfect example of why changing devs in a series is a bad idea.

lastdual2324d ago

Rising was NEVER going to be a classic-style MGS game. Anyone who was paying attention already knew that.

If you're going to do a Metal Gear action game, might as well have the best team in the biz on the job.

Yes, Platinum's style is even more over-the-top than MGS4's already ridiculous cut scenes, but the gameplay will be top notch.

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MurderMyDoll2325d ago

im calling fake. not the gameplay just the voice over and text and how the trailer was put together, looks way too cheap i think were being trolled

chainer30002324d ago

this is what i thought. looked horrible compared to what it could have been... I think maybe a playstation move title or something?

Daver2324d ago

hmm its not what i was anticipating, it dosnt even feel like a mgs game, im not impressed at all so far.

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dark-hollow2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

i dont care what others say but bayoneta despite it corny"ness" and cheesy cut scenes is one of the best hack n slash games when we talk about combat and gameplay.

letting platinum have their run on this game is a wise choice.
its not mgs as we know and love it, but it looks like a good spin-off nonetheless.
dont hate on it because it is very different! its not like they are shifting the franchise! there will be mgs5, and there is this spin off which looks promising.

KeiserSosay47882325d ago

Completely agree. Bayonetta was ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, but is, imo, THE most in-depth hack n slash this gen. The controls and combo system is near flawless.

MaxXAttaxX2325d ago

Bayonetta had great combat. But I couldn't get into it because of EVERYTHING ELSE.

Darrius Cole2324d ago

Bayonetta is great. Although I have to disagree with it being the most in-depth hack-n-slash this gen. That award still goes to Ninja Gaiden (any one of them).

Rainstorm812325d ago

Ninja Raiden!!!!

Could be fun tho.....

ZippyZapper2324d ago

Never thought I would say this but MGR looks better than Ninja Gaiden 3. Nothing can touch the old Xbox classic.

xAlmostPro2325d ago

Platinum games? -_- pretty sure they made the ps3 version of bayonetta gimped :( .. although i cant see hideo letting them do that :/

Undeadwolfy2325d ago

It was a bad port but they learned their mistakes with Vanquish.

Megaman_nerd2325d ago

They just took Vanquish and made it 30frames for both consoles. That is not learning, they just gimped both versions so nobody complains since the game was supposed to be 60frames like Bayonetta. And Bayonetta had as much crazy action as Vanquish so don't come to tell me that 60frames wasn't possible on that game.

Whitefox7892324d ago

Sega handled the Port to the Playstation 3 version
Plat. Games only did the X360.

Undeadwolfy2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Vanquish and Bayonntta were great games. This is basically a hack and slash game, something Platinum Studios evidently know alot about, with Raiden and set in the MGS universe. The game isn't meant to be as serious as MGS. It's just a spinoff. Enjoy the game for what it is and dont hate it for what it isn't.

Kojima even spoke about it in Official PlayStation Magazine, that I have, that it is going to be a very different experience. If you are tied to just the tactical espionage action of MGS and you're not willing to try this, then this probably isn't for you, but don't slate it for what it is and who's making it. As for me, I like the new take on it and it seems alot more fitting for Raiden to play the lightning fast ninja rather than stealth around like a Snake. There's only 2 Snakes that are worthy of that title. *salutes*

Jamzluminati2325d ago

GOTY 12 confirmed. Well either this or Ninja Gaiden 3.


colonel1792325d ago

Everybody saw it coming! Platinum Games is the right developer to make this game.

user8586212324d ago

Platinum Games = DAY 1!!!

Liquid_Ocelot2324d ago

Wow total disgrace. This shit looks worse than bad wtf

kparks2324d ago

WTF please nooooo... dont do this to MGS... am i the only one who didnt see anything tactical in this where is my tactical espionage action??? how can they follow a game like MGS4 with this hack and slash crap? MGS4 was truly one of the best games ever made!! u can run and gun creep around go first person go third person kill or just sneek by people and not kill hardly anyone.. or even chill in the bushes and have a smoke! now IDK wtf this is but its no metal gear or solid

Neckbear2324d ago

There's no "Tactical Espionage Action" since the subtitle is "Lightning Bolt Action".

It's not even a follow-up, it's a spinoff. It is Metal Gear, it takes place in the same universe. It isn't, however, "Solid".

Learn what the word "spin-off" means, it might save you from making a fool out of yourself. Hell, this applies to most in this comment section.

pain777pas2324d ago

I am sad and appauled. Kojima please remove your name from this game. That is all... from the adventurer that was so excited until he heard THIS news which, brought his mood down like an ARROW to the knee.

OmegaSlayer2324d ago

I loved the trailer.
Best out of VGA imho.
I take the game as it is.
It is not a reboot (DmC wink wink)and I loved the Raiden character.
Though I must say that I hope Kamiya is working on Bayonetta2.

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Batzi2325d ago

if this is true. That would be the worst thing ever! This is not Metal Gear. It's not Kojima quality trailer it blows and this sucks!!!

sikbeta2324d ago

Ha! I told you months ago before the hype of this game vanished :P this is not a MGS game!

Eamon2324d ago

Well to be honest, if the name of this title didn't contain the words Metal Gear, this would have been an amazing trailer.

I really don't understand the direction in this game now. It just isn't MGS anymore. What the hell were those suits with samurai swords. And that cyborg guy who looks like a mix of Vamp and Snake?

Man, I am actually disappointed. This might be a fun game, but this is not what I wanted out of a Metal Gear spin off.

El_Assenso2324d ago

They need to take the name Metal Gear off cos its not worthy of that name. All I see is just some generic hack and slash and thats supposed to get me excited! The ethos of this game, the whole atmosphere I got from this trailer has no Metal Gear DNA in it, the song in this trailer reminded me of Mortal Combat!!! Poor on so many levels and it says a lot when this game isn't being developed by the MGS4 team or led/directed by Kojima every second of the way. Man I'm deflated after this trailer....

El_Assenso2324d ago

You know a MGS spin-off I would like to see? One based on THE BOSS! Damn right the hero that started it all. I wouldn't mind a spin-off with Gray fox the LEGENDARY GRAY FOX!! At least they have a lot more substance in their stories and background. I think Grey Fox's one if done properly could be one supreme MGS game wihout a Snake or a Boss.

padz12324d ago

No it wouldn't. the trailer was really badly put together imo. i could make a better trailer than that. it looked cheap.

MoveTheGlow2324d ago

This is absolutely not the Metal Gear you're used to, I agree! I'm looking forward to it immensely!

I mean, come on - did you want it to be that awkward thing they previewed at e3 way back? I didn't - I wouldn't go near that crap. This looks like a souped-up, jagged-edge Bayonetta followup, I *loved* the gameplay and production values in Bayonetta... so this should be good!

No, I'm not hiding in a cardboard box, but this is a different game, I'm cool with that. If anything, it'll beat the everloving crap out of the new Devil May Cry!

Whitefox7892324d ago

Just gonna quote Kojima for ya.

In the December 2011 issue of PlayStation Official Magazine UK, Hideo Kojima said Metal Gear Solid: Rising is "moving forward". Kojima told the magazine that Rising remains significantly different to existing Metal Gear games, although he has retained an element of control over it and won't let it stray too far from the series' roots.He stated that "If somebody thinks 'I love Snake' and just really wants traditional stealth gameplay and that experience, then it may be hard to get into Rising, but for people who are more open and willing to try new things, it shouldn't be a problem."

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Prcko2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

PLatinum games developer,hahahaha
no way that i gonna buy this,trailer looks cool but developer is -,-
and yea,this game is not even M of metal gear solid ,this is onimusha with mgs in bad shape

JonahNL2325d ago

Platinum Games isn't a good developer?

MadWorld, Bayonetta and Vanquish would like to have a word with you.

JonahNL2325d ago

To those who disagree: care to explain why the games aren't good? No? That's what I thought...

2325d ago
JonahNL2325d ago


I'm sorry, what do God of War and Devil May Cry have to do with the quality of Metal Gear Rising?

Eamon2325d ago

Technically, Devil May Cry were made by the people who is currently in charge of Platinum.

It's why Bayonetta's gameplay and style were very similar to Devil May Cry.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Madworld , Bayonetta and vanquish suck donkeyballs.

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j-blaze2324d ago

lol sad souls, you wouldn't say that if it was a ps3 exclusive do you?

on topic: OMG this is the BEST trailer i have seen this whole year!!

the game is coming to the 360 and thats AWESOME!!!!

poopsack2324d ago

You haven't seen many trailers this year I suppose, the voice acting in this trailer is poor, let alone the music and overall production of the trailer. Blech

Lavalamp2324d ago


It's Viacom. Cheesy 90s styled VAs are a given. Also, don't you be dissin' Quinton Flynn. That man is god-tier as Raiden.

MaxXAttaxX2323d ago

Do you like anything that isn't Japanese only?

You're saying that only PS3 gamers dislike the game and that 360 gamers couldn't possibly dislike it? What about people that own both? What if it was PS3 exclusive- would you think the same way of it?

You're the only one I've seen talking about "exclusivity" in these posts and that it's also "coming to the 360". Do you really think we care?