Kojima's MGS: Rising VGA Trailer to be in-engine footage

One of the most anticipated reveals to be made during the VGAs later today is the re-reveal of Metal Gear Solid: Rising and it's now confirmed that it'll feature a three minute long trailer containing all in-engine and gameplay footage.

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playstationfans2325d ago

can't wait to watch it. At 3 minutes, looks like it's going to be pretty long. Damn, am excited now.

DA_SHREDDER2325d ago

Can't wait to watch the same trailers we been watching since E3 2009? lol ,wow.

Skip_Bayless2325d ago

Count me uninterested until it hits the bargain bin. Exclusive franchises turned multiplatform is a turn off ie. Final Fantasy and Resident Evil.

mugoldeneagle032325d ago

This is supporting Move? It would be nice to get some of the larger titles, other than shooters to show some love.

MGS Rising would be a start, then Star Wars. Ok?

clevernickname2325d ago

Rising is a multi-platform game. If there was going to be Move support sure as shit Microsoft would bitch if there wasn't going to be Kinect integration as well.

So, not going to happen.

STONEY42325d ago

The last trailer was also in-game. You could see the cutscene was running at 60fps, and it definitely looked better than MGS4 (downloaded the HD trailer from the Japan PSN Store), so I'm a bit excited. On the graphics side, at least.

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MaideninBlack2325d ago

Wait. I thought Kojima said he wasn't getting involved w/Rising? Is he on hand just to show off footage for a game he's not working on or is it going to be something else??

D3mons0ul2325d ago

Kojima is involved with Rising. He's the vice president of Konami anyway, he probably has to be involved in many things.

Eamon2325d ago

Hideo Kojima is executive producer in this game.

Think of that position as a sort of overseer, not in charge of creative development.

IRetrouk2325d ago

hes kinda just keeping an eye on it, it is really his teams game, it not one of his mgs games in the same way as mgs 1, 2, 3, 4 and pw was.

ShoryukenII2325d ago

He's trying to get his dev team to be able to make what he wants without him. He said that he likes to leave it to them but he ends up getting pulled back in before he knows it. I hope they don't need his help.

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RespectedDesperado2325d ago

Totally forgot about this game. Good to see its still being worked on.

Eamon2325d ago

This is my most anticipated trailer in VGA.

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The story is too old to be commented.