Rock Band European release date confirmed

An EA insider has confirmed to that Rock Band will release in the UK and Europe for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PS2 on MARCH 6TH, 2008.

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Relientk773826d ago

wow thats like 3 months from now.. I feel for them :-/

FreeMonk3826d ago


It sucks to live in Europe sometimes. I really want to play Rock Band, but because I live in the UK, I have to wait until March.

I would love to import a copy from the States like I have done in the past with Rainbow Six: Vegas, Viva Pinata etc, but of course EA Region Locked Rock Band so that is not going to be happening.

darkness within3826d ago

I'm happy I know when I can buy it but march thats just lame =[

Valin3826d ago

I'm sick and tired of this happening to europeans! I'm Irish and I'm not going to buy rock band 3 months from now because I'll be old technology! If it is realeased then then I expect ti to have all the DLC on the disk at no extra charge otherwise I'll stay happy with guitar hero!

Tommie3826d ago

I don't have the need to play Rock Band now. Plus, there is a plus side. Now we Europeans are getting a bug free (i.e. guitar faults) game and hardware. Price is still a bit to high for me, enjoying GH III quite fine at the moment.

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