340° Rumour mill: GTA V PS3 Exclusive, FarCry 2 & More's run-down of the big rumours currently doing the rounds in the video game industry.

GTA V PS3 Exclusive.
FarCry 2 coming to next-gen consoles
X-COM sequel in the works
Classic franchise being reborn on Wii

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Multigamer3825d ago

rockstar would be stuiped to make gta5 exclusive

HarryEtTubMan3825d ago

Rockstar prefers the Playstation platforms... I've read them say it... There are already 2 Rockstart Exlclusives in the works.... L.A Noire and a wild west Rockstar game. The PS3 userbase is going to pass the 360 and everyone knows it. Just like you also will have a PS3 in the next 2-4 years and be able to play and have fun on it for 6 or more years haha... Sony knows what their doing. Watch this be true also

ry-guy3825d ago

And Microsoft would be just down right retarded to let GTA V slip through their fingers.

Read the article. The plausability of this occuring is rated a 1 out-of 5.

ruibing3824d ago

Though I don't think you have any reason to get yourself excited about a rumor for a game that's not going to be released for a few years, I could say the same about some of exclusives that hit the 360.

socomnick3824d ago

Once gta 4 comes out and it sells 250k on the ps3 and over 2 million on the Xbox 360 I doubt 5 will be exclusive.

marinelife93824d ago

It wouldn't make sense for Rockstar financially to make GTAV PS3 exclusive. But already you can tell that the artist part inside of Take Two really wants to make something special and that is why they're using the PS3 as their canvas for LA Noire and the other PS3 exclusive game they're working on.

Like it or not Blu-Ray space plus hard drive caching makes for some intriguing possibilities that you can't do on 360 that some developers would like to see what they can make with it. Especially after MS told all the developers that they can't make a hard drive a pre-requisite for their games.

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MK_Red3825d ago

HOLY ****!!!???? X-COM reborn!? Sequel in works? OMG, great news.
As for GTA5, I think it all depends on sales of GTA4 on PS3 and 360.

FarCry 2 on PS3/360 would be sweet. Wonder what that franchise would be...

predator3825d ago

if rockstar wait to see sales of gta 4 on ps3 and 360 then thats not good for sony since 2.8 mill ps3 compared to 8.5 mill in america.

i think it all depends on whitch company has the biggest check for gta5

MK_Red3825d ago

Good point but I believe that if the game sells really low on PS3, GTA5 could end up a 360 exclusive without need of a check from MS. So IMO, it all depends on the ratio of 360 to PS3 sales.

Dlacy13g3824d ago

OMG! I loved those games! I would love to see them come out to the consoles. And honestly ....that is one game that would make me buy a system just to play it. So if it was exclusive to even the Wii...I would get a Wii just to play it. Very excited over that rumor.

The rest of them? GTA....not likely happening. Far Cry 2....Meh, dont really care.

Bill Gates3825d ago

GTA 4 would have been exclusive too if only Rockstar understood what piece of shiet the 360 is before they started signing papers. They regret the hole they got themselves into, and realize they CAN'T accomplish what they want to do without having the LAGBOX360 holding them back.......AAAHAHAHHAHA

radzy3824d ago

not the xbox 360.
oh well , keep spinning the lies and trying to convince your self.

Vulcan Raven3824d ago

Last i read they were having trouble fitting it on a dvd, not on the PS3(bluray).

mighty_douche3825d ago

try not to get your hopes up guys....

havent we already had the GTA V rumour? didnt it get thrown out? some story about sony handing over a blank check or something...

someone answer if you know please.

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