What holiday hits is Bethesda playing? Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed & More

From Official Bethesda Blog:
"Week after week, folks at the office were picking up the latest "AAA" titles to play, and as a result, I'm guessing most everyone now has a pile of games to play. Luckily, most of the big releases are now out, so we can put away our wallets and focus on the games we've got.

Here's what you'll see our team playing over the weekend."

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MK_Red3876d ago

Poor Nghi Huynh: "My Xbox360 = dead (R.I.P launch unit), Assassin’s Creed (PS3)"
Hope he gets it fixed sooner so he can play Mass Effect. It's a neccessary game for any RPG fan and as a dev behind Fallout 3, it's even more important for him.

Sad to see Witcher in no one's list :(

predator3876d ago

dam they like there mass effect dont they, good to as its an amazing game

MK_Red3876d ago

Agreed but it's a must play for them because they are making Fallout 3 and must play all the great RPGs and Mass Effect is one of the best in years.

I'm just sad that The Witcher is not on their lists because it's also a truly classic RPG.

ceedubya93876d ago

Is fantastic. Definitely the best RPG of this gen so far.

Dukester1013876d ago

they could just be playing it to learn how well it executes on a lot of things... so they can incorporate some of that into their next game.

not really ripping per se, just learning and evolving

fjtorres3876d ago

1 - If you are releasing a new RPG any time next year, you *have* to factor in the way MASS EFFECT has raised the bar in many areas. Your product *will* be compared to theirs so it is only logical to familiarize yourself with it and try to learn from what the got right and what you may think they got wrong, if any. Not sure how much time Berhesday has left to fine-tune FALLOUT, but the may have time to make a few adjustments to make sure they compare reasonably well. Would be great if they could top MASS EFFECT and thus encourage BioWare to push a bit more with MASS EFFECT 2...
2- Most developers are in fact gamers themselves so it makes sense that they would want to at least try out the best games that come out.
3- MASS EFFECT itself owes something to the games that came before and they're not shy about admitting it both publicly and in the game: Anybody who's played both will notice a few friendly homages to the DeusEx games, which is only fitting as they too were "RPGs-with-guns".

osirisomeomi3875d ago

And that game is fallout 2. Already it's sounding like they'll bastardize the series, so they need to get as many hundreds of hours of fallout playtime under their belts to get their heads straightened out.