First Look At VGA Exclusive Reveals

Spike has released a new promo for the Video Game Awards 2011 and it contains sneak peaks of the world exclusive reveals to be aired during the show tonight.

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playstationfans1963d ago

am excited about Epic Games new title and the new Sony PS3 exclusive. Bring it ON! :D

MasterCornholio1963d ago

When epic said it's something you won't expect from us. I hope it isn't a Kinect title.


iChii1963d ago

They're hyping that PS3 exclusive like HELL. I think its gonna be something big. o.o

majiebeast1963d ago

Atleast they got decent performers this year the black keys and deadmau5. Maybe this one will be decent to watch.

Nitrowolf21963d ago

Charlie Sheen is in it so no doubt it will be a Winning show this year

SSKILLZ1963d ago

dang nerd gasmmmmmmmmmm!!!

LettingGo1963d ago

Good promo. It's a shame the show will suck. -_-

It's like they're making fun of the entire gaming industry.

Truerandom1963d ago

Charlie Sheen is only there to promote something.

SolidGear31963d ago

But still.. Charlie Sheen!!!!

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