GTA V Fans, Why So Angry?

David Sanchez: I consider myself a Grand Theft Auto fan. Sure, Grand Theft Auto IV was a bit too serious for my liking, and I doubt I could ever care about Niko Bellic, but I'm still a fan of Rockstar's open world crime series. Admittedly, Saints Row: The Third really blew my mind and took its rightful place as my new favorite open world action-adventure game, dethroning the outstanding Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I'm not saying the GTA series isn't special, though. Yes, it's gone in a strangely serious direction that I don't really care for, but it's still the series that defined the genre, and I wholeheartedly respect that.

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TheSanchezDavid2383d ago

As the writer of this editorial, I fully approve the views expressed here.


A Doughnut

StraightPath2383d ago

Saints Row 3 did nothing already forgetton and the francise. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be huge.

MysticStrummer2383d ago

Yeah SR3 is a decent game but certainly not in the same league as any of the GTAs. The game looks like it could be from the early days of this generation, the city is lifeless in comparison, the story is almost nonexistent, and the gameplay is ok but not great. Co-op and customization are the only things that raise it to the level of mediocre overall.

D3mons0ul2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

SR2 was better than GTAIV

But after Volition's last display, Saint's Row is in trouble.

Oh wait, we're becoming like the society in Idiocracy, I guess it's not in trouble afterall. WE ARE.

GTA V looks better than both though.

DonaldBeck2383d ago

saints row is spectacular.

KozmoOchez2377d ago

hmmmm.... @MysticStrummer

Saying, "the city is lifeless in comparison, the story is almost nonexistent, and the gameplay is ok but not great." clearly proves that you've done no more than watch videos or read comments on Saints row 2 and 3(I didnt play the first so idk). The story isnt mindblowing, but its there and easy to follow and the city is completely FULL of life. I can get out of my vehicle, walk down the side walk and see random gang members fighting cops and then everyone screams in terror running or driving away like some drunk freak. If I kill someone people will take pics with their camera phones. Random gang members/cops/pedestrians always have something to say when you walk up to them(or into them). And the city is filled with people walking the streets.

I'm not sure of your definition of lifeless. And people keep bringing up graphics in comparison as if graphics have ever made a game play any better. I loved GTA until GTA4 came out. Forget the drawn out story, or the "amazing graphics", or the so called "great physics" that weren't that great in the first place - it made driving more of a pain and less fun. I just want fun, and that's what I got in Saints Row.

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D3mons0ul2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Is doughnut a euphemism for asshole?

Dee_912383d ago

Hey , why did I just click WTF as story quality and No for Like Website ?

GTA and Saints row took 2 seperate routes.
Am I the only one who think comparing what one does and the other doesn ist completely dumb ?

dark-hollow2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

lol who in their right mind would compare sr3 to gta v??

huge fanbase+ very strong sales+ very VERY VERY high budget+!( gta iv budget were 100 million dollars for christ sake!!!)

TheHomerPimpson2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

I see all these articles and comments bashing the character of Niko in GTA IV. Am I the only one who genuinely liked Niko?

I feel like he was a great successor in the line of interesting and three-dimensional GTA main characters. I enjoyed the idea of a foreigner's view (especially one from an impoverished, war-torn country) of a major city in the GTA universe. Seeing a Bosnian-esque war veteran dealing with fake thugs, muscle heads, drug addicts, and one inflated ego after the other was extremely interesting and made for great satire.

I thought Rockstar nailed it in terms of developing an interesting main character for the return to Liberty City.

Clayman2383d ago

I agree. Niko was a great character.

Hanif-8762383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

GTA IV is alot better than Saints Row the Third but that's just my opinion. However, GTA V is my most anticipated game ever and if it was anything like Saints Row 3 then i'd simply opt out. What alot people don't understand is that alot of people prefer the realistic approach Rockstar has taken, its just that not all of us are writing article about it. Hence, what GTA V needs is just alot of content and stuff to do in our in-game world to keep us entertained for months/years to come.

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acemonkey2383d ago

go away saints row fanboys lol.....

TheSanchezDavid2383d ago

go away gta fanboys lol.....

acemonkey2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

not really a fanboy i have all the GTA's yes playstation and i have all the Saints row.... The first saints row they was testing the waters that was a copy cat of GTA games other then the only which i had a blast playin pimps or whatever itw as called and pimp out the ride.....SR2 added coop which made it a tab bit funner then GTA4....SR3 i havent played yet but still THQ & Saints row people said they got most of their ideas from GTA & rockstar....GTA is the Carbon Copy...SR is a good game in itself....all this comparing and fanboys against fanboys...when really most of us is not fanboys are just stupid ..... no need to fight and arguing over it... at the end of the day GTA will sale more and get more awards lol u can say SR is the people champ

soundslike2383d ago

apparently wackiness > vehicle physics

Rainstorm812383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

"FUN" is what everyone screams to try and justify why SR is better than GTA...... Some people want a game where you can make a 90 degree turn doing 95mph.... i personally prefer the realism a gritty worlds Rockstar creates when it comes to Open World Cities Rockstar is second to none the details are amazing and the numerous NPCs and random events make the world come to life.

I think they learned from GTA4 and RDR now GTA 5 will be the game everyone has been waiting for.

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NYC_Gamer2383d ago

it's cool if you enjoy saints row.i just don't the story is real cheesy and the gameplay is too silly for my taste.

SephirothX212383d ago

Best of GTA IV + best of San Andreas = GTA V

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