Burnout Paradise Demo Comes Next Week

Ripten writes:

"Looking at the official website for Burnout Paradise, to hit the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 early next year, we can spy some exciting news. We knew a demo was coming, but it's nice to see it coming so early."

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Zhuk3731d ago

This is going to be one of the best games of 2008, mark my words. It will get nothing but 9 and 10s and will be the best Burnout in the series ever.

Burnout is probably the best series EA owns

MK_Red3731d ago

I'm a Burnout fanatic and hope what you say happens. Can't wait.
Burnout is indeed EA's best series ever and IMO, one of the best in general (EA and non-EA).

techie3731d ago

MK that press release does not say what date in decemeber - it merely says DECEMBER. So this is new info for all.

Korosuke3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

totaly agree.
which version comes ? both version will be nice. so no flame war will occur.

ouch, source was changed.

techie3731d ago

Sorry I used the wrong source - the title over there is "comes to the PS3" that's why I put it in my original title.

Neurotoxin3731d ago

I`m impressed Zhuk, not one single retarded Fanboy comment.

Could it be a new and improved Zhuk?!

I hope so.

Totally agree with you in what you said, should be very good indeed on Next-Gen.

Crazyglues3730d ago

is an understatement for me.. I loved that game on xbox 1, I played and played and if this one is anywhere as good as that one was, then I expect I will be doing a lot of gaming in Dec.

Oh what a nice Christmas Present... Thanks EA

Polluted3730d ago

@Neurotoxin: Don't encourage him.

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aiphanes3731d ago


Its right there...why are you guys not seeing this?

The PS3 most likely will get the first demo...since it is the lead platform...

MaximusPrime_3731d ago

yea i cant wait for this demo. That game is going to be awesome on PS3. Thanks for the link aiphanes.

mighty_douche3731d ago

im excited to see if EA have managed to f*ck another game up!

oh, and unlucky Silver Live owners : (

aaquib53731d ago

Criterion is developing it and PS3 is their lead platform. As long as the Sh1tty EA devs don't touch it, it'll be good.

MaximusPrime_3731d ago

Criterion made the game. So EA has nothing to do with it.
Criterion is British based company and the brits are the best at developing games. I no doubt am sure this burnout paradise will be a hit.

SL1M DADDY3731d ago

Criterion is dedicated to this series as we have seen in the past. They may have had their ups and downs but none of the series games were bad or blemished by EA. I just want to see Criterion get to work on the next BLACK now that they have nearly wrapped up Burnout.

mighty_douche3731d ago

im slightly more confident now!

Bladestar3731d ago

I guess you will not shut up about the silver account... posting it on every post now? Hey at least it's not RROD which was already old.

BloodySinner3731d ago

What happened to your bubbles?

mighty_douche3730d ago

dude i actually feel sorry for the silver account owners, please dont take everything as an attempt to get one over on the other machine. They're just toys mate.

Bladestar3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

My bubbles? mmm.. geee I don't know.. it seems as Sony fanboys didn't learn their lesson last time when I reset my account... they feel as if that can possibly work... they are probably better off (I would think) to ignore me.. but remove my bubbles? arent't I Mr. Bubbles? Thanks for reminding me... I lose one more bubble and I will re-set my account again... and everyone that ignored me will have to do it again... and again... and againt... (insert 1233452345345 again here)... get the idea? I can't be stopped... via blocking IP, email, or anything... I have many proxies to swith IP... and own many domains to switch emails...

What else do you want to know about my bubbles? Expect Sony fanboys to get Carpal Tunnel hitting the remove bubble feature... lol.
One thing is ignore me because you don't like what I have to say; I respect that.. but trying to remove my bubbles .. didn't you read "the term of use"?

@scheme_a - You posted here just to tell that? That's just sad...

scheme_a3730d ago

You do all that, just to keep posting in here?
That's kinda sad...

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Miller3731d ago

I'm surprised to hear a demo is coming so early, can't wait to play it though! From what I've read it sounds like it's going to be quite "free-form", in that you drive around the city doing events as you find them. Does anyone know for sure if that's the case?

If so it might be a little weird, I love Burnout but half the fun has been to try and "Perfect" one set of events before moving on to the next. If you simply mooch around doing stuff here and there it's hard to see how they'll have a similar structure...

Korosuke3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I believe BO:P is free-roaming type like Test Drive unlimited or Need for Speed most wanted.
Check these vids.

MaximusPrime_3731d ago

Burnout Paradise IS free roaming.

Lord Cheese3731d ago

i've only really played burnout legends on my psp and i really enjoyed it - hope this is going to be good, but i do fear for the whole "free-roaming" idea - sometimes games need a bit of direction to keep them fun - if this game isnt done right it could be a lot of travelling between competitions/events, which would suck.

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