CVG Preview Ghostbusters

CVG Writes:

"There's nothing quite like a comeback story to capture the imagination. In 1989, the Ghostbusters were down and out, broke and about as popular as a council health inspector about to rupture a spirit containment system.

Forced to suffer the ignominy of making guest appearances at the parties of ungrateful snot-nosed brats in exchange for a few bucks, the boys in boiler suits were about as low as they could get without actually being scalded by the Earth's core."

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predator3731d ago

who you gona call.........

Lord Cheese3731d ago



predator3731d ago

dam u, u made me hungry, dam a pizza would go down nice now

ry-guy3731d ago

I was really really hoping this has a sandbox approach to it like GTA.

Run around, field calls, bust tons of ghosts, have fun.

However this looks to be a true sequel and linear story line, which is fine. It will still rock.

I hope this does well enough to get a sequel that features an open ended world.