Surfer Girl: thrashed PS3-exclusive Far Cry, Wolfenstein, CoD5

Surfer Girl is back with four new rumors. Take these with a grain of salt:

1) Wolfenstein is coming late summer/early next fall for PS360 and PC.

2) Treyarch is currently working three titles that will see release next fall, Spider-Man: Red vs. Black "featuring an original plotline chronicling one of the comic world's greatest rivalries," Call of Duty 5 "a historical shooter that introduces many innovative ideas never-before-seen in the series that will excite fans," and James Bond 007 (working title) "an explosive action game with a strong online component that lives up to the legacy of the greatest action character of all-time" that will be the first of annual releases.

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MK_Red3946d ago

Treyarch is working on all of them? Spidey, COD5 and James Bond? How many staff do they have?

predator3946d ago

i think people are worried about cod5 bein done by Treyarch when they seem to forget that their multiplayer in cod3 was amazing,

back to the article, also SG said a crakdown sequel is not happening? i doubt that they would not make due to it selling so well and it was a good game, of course there will be a sequel

MK_Red3946d ago

While I liked COD3, I think it's too much for a company to work on 3 huge games at once, one of them being sequel to the uber great COD4.

Polluted3946d ago

I despised COD: 3, but I played the PS3 version which was a buggy mess, so maybe I missed out.

macsto3946d ago

lol @ ps3 exclusive lost

sonarus3946d ago

lol wow. jst cudnt let that go could you. the kid in you cudnt even if the whole thing was a rumor to begin with frm an unnanounced title

HarryEtTubMan3946d ago

haha keep laughing but the PS3 has the best lineup EASILY next year and proablly 2009. hah ha ha ha ha I'm lauhging with you.

rubarb233946d ago

you sound hungry and desperate, here have something to eat my friend.

Polluted3946d ago

So instead of a half-assed Far Cry: Evolution port or something, PS3 owners are getting the same version of Far Cry 2 as everyone else. You think we give two sh*ts if 360 owners get to play the game too? Personally I have better things to do with my life than sit around giggling about how 360 owners won't get to play some "exclusive" game, but you go right ahead if that's what you're into.

Seriously, what's the big deal with exclusivity? If you play a game and enjoy it, why would you not want it to be available to some 6 million PS3 owners as well. Or some 12 million 360 owners?

FF7numba13946d ago

lol @ ps3 picture. i have a picture of the xbox 360 frying eggs.

Bolts3945d ago

So let me get this right, the PS3 lost Far Cry a game that is virtually prehistoric by now and gained Far Cry 2, a brand spanking new game...and this is bad how??

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mighty_douche3946d ago

"surfer Girl" is infact "lazy 40 year old man living with his mum, [email protected] over all the attention he's getting"....

just me or?

Saint Sony3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Just you I think.. or should I say, LIKE YOU?

ok seriously though, yep I kinda hate Surfergirl. The name already gives me chills. Your description of her/him/thing/it may even turn out to be true.

mighty_douche3946d ago

hmmm perhaps i AM surfer girl. it would be interesting to create a website full of romour and speculation and see how long it takes to turn up on N4G with fanboys screaming at each other like its fact/confirmed.

oh sorry, i forgot, your not allowed to lie on the internet are you, its FACT only right.

Bolts3945d ago

I prefer to picture Jade Raymond as surfer girl if you don't mind.

goldenxbox3946d ago

Can't wait to play the brand new EXCLUSIVE version of Far Cry, and then Far Cry 2 on the same Xbox 360 next year !!!!

Hooray for new IPs !!!!

monks3946d ago

sorry to say at this current time Far Cry 2 is PC only nothing else has been said as far as i am aware

i have not heared any statements on what next-gen systems this will be released on

Statix3946d ago

Surfer Girl says FC2 is coming to next-gen consoles.

Bolts3945d ago

Where in that article did it say the 360 is getting Far Cry and Far Cry 2 exclusive? You FAILED at reading comprehension.

kspraydad3946d ago

surfer girl site?

I'ts a bunch of made up drivel and she/he has yet to actually have a rumour that A: turned out true and B: wasn't already known.

Just stop supporting this crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.