Jean-Claude Van Damme To Feature in WoW Ad

Jean-Claude Van Damme will add his name to the list of celebrities who are featuring in worldwide WoW adverts over to next few weeks.

He appeared on the list of stars at the EU WoW site earlier, in the "coming soon" bracket, so it's possible we'll see his commercial around the same time as the Verne Troyer one, though no one's sure exactly when that will be as yet.

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Leord3910d ago

Oh! Oh! Classic! Next one should be Dolph Lundgren! =D

mighty_douche3910d ago

Anyone seen the Mr T one? funny sh!t!!

iceice1233910d ago

Must be next, I can't see them leaving him out.

lynx1halo3910d ago

i really cant read the article, or concentrate, or stop laughing with that damn jean-claud picture staring at me LOL i really despise that man........DAMN YOU TIME COP!!!!!

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