Most Anticipated Games of 2008: Killzone 2, GTA4 & More

GameDaily takes a look at the video games of 2008 that have gamers salivating:

"Grand Theft Auto IV
What Is It: The long-anticipated follow-up to one of the most popular gaming series of all time.

Why It's So Anticipated: Do you even NEED to ask? Grand Theft Auto set the standard for free-roaming gameplay, and part IV will continue the series' legacy. It'll feature photo-realistic visuals, bringing a virtual New York City to life. It'll also have a number of missions to complete, along with hundreds (maybe even thousands) of side missions. Living a life of crime won't be any sweeter than this...until Grand Theft Auto V comes along."

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MK_Red3825d ago

How WiiFit and Mario Kart Wii are there but Little Big Planet, Fable 2, Too Human, GT5 and Alan Wake are not is beyond me.

sonarus3825d ago

a lot of titles on there imo didnt deserve to make the cut and lots of titles missing out. GT5 and too human didnt show then we see army of two i mean common army of two isnt highly anticipated is it. Also wasnt RE5 pushed to 2k9

Irving3825d ago

I agree, but with LBP and GT5, it would've been kinda one sided list don't you think? They have to keep everyone happy :p

MK_Red3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

But LBP was one of the biggest winners of E3 and Game of the Show nom and winner by choice of many sites and mags. Also, it was the game that most non-PS3 fans liked at E3 and GDC.
God, I love this game. Can't wait.

Maldread3825d ago

Agreed, it should have included many other games, but i guess that`s how it always is with this lists, something to disagree with ;)

Both RE5 and FF13 will be great games, but will probably not be out until 2009 :( I suspect the same could/will happen to GT5, but we`ll see.

Little Big Planet should be in any best of 2008 list (it`s going to be a big planet indeed). Alan Wake (looks more creepy than Dead Space), and Resistance 2 (how good is this going to look and play) also, to mention a few more. Just think of all the secret games will should come up during "E3" too, guess the list have to be rewritten as we go along ;)

Relientk773825d ago

MK_Red I totally agree with u ... especially on Wii Fit .. its overrated... and will prolly get fantastic reviews.. and continue to get overrated

MK_Red3825d ago

Maldread, agree with your points but in Resistance 2's case, it's not officially confirmed yet but the list indeed has to be rewritten soon :)

Good one Relientk77 :)
"Wii Fit .. its overrated... and will prolly get fantastic reviews.. and continue to get overrated"
Hope it doesn't happen but sadly SPOnG did it and many other sites might follow :(

Maldread3825d ago

Hehe yeah you`re right about that, i just think it will be out next year ;)

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leon763825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Double post...

leon763825d ago

My wishlist (from this list): GTA4, MGS4, RE5, Fallout3, DMC4, GoW:CO, Soulcalibur4,Burnout Paradise, Killzone 2, FF XIII!!!
But I agree with MKRed: there are titles that are missing here.... And one of them, the most scandalous missing, is GT5!!!!!!!!!

MK_Red3825d ago

While I agree that GT5's absense is really stupid, I believe the most scandalous missing game is Little Big Planet (A Game of E3 worthy title and a game that every one even PS3 haters couldn't resist).

MK_Red3825d ago

My own list would be (Assuming MK8 comes in 2009):
1.Fallout 3
2.Killzone 2
3.Burnout Paradise
4.Ninja Gaiden 2
5.Little Big Planet
6.Brutal Legend
8.Soul Calibur 4

DrPirate3825d ago

At first I thought. Wait....Killzone 2?

But I figure alot of people want to know if the gameplay and framerate can match the graphics...

mighty_douche3825d ago

all the hands on are very promising, the only criticism was with the AI which is an easy fix with all the development time they have left. i cant remember anyone complaining about frame rates and i read a developer interviews where he said the game will run at a SOLID 30fps minimum @ 720p.

for me as a FPS fan this is the GAME of 08, i just hope it gets pulled off.

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