New Final Fantasy IV promotional video

Square Enix have updated the official website of Final Fantasy IV and added a new Promotional Video. If you understand Japanese you'll notice the video spoils a bit of the story, but if you don't then have no worries!

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Black Rose3825d ago

I am excited to get this for my kids, they love FF series as much as I do

PS360WII3825d ago

Just for your kids? Why on earth would you not play this as well?!

PS360WII3825d ago

In the words of Peter Griffin 'frickin sweet!'

This looks really great and probably maxed out the DS as Square Enix likes to do with it's titles. Oh man IV is my fav of the bunch and watching that brought back all those wonderful memories and I couldn't understand what they were saying but I knew right were in the story they were. This is a must buy :) Bring it out now! Please ^^

brodels3825d ago

i dunno man... 4 was good but i liked 6 more and 5 the best!

WilliamRLBaker3825d ago

the super deformed look only looks good in 2d games, 3d super deformed looks like crap, which is why id rather they update the game in 2d instead of this crap they are trying to pawn off so as to milk the ff franchise even more.
then you have the fact all the remake and rereleases of this damn game.

Ill download it illegal before i pay more for pretty much the same game with a new coat of paint from square.

PS360WII3825d ago

complete overhaul vs. new coat of paint my friend. Also voice acting for it on the rather small DS cart. Sure you can have it on snes, ps1, and gba but not like this version. They made it that it has nothing compairable on the other iterations of it.

Plus I don't think the characters look bad. If you are a fan of VII I don't see how you can balk at these characters. It looks good for where they are bringing the game to.

You can go ahead and get it illegally just as long as you get it ^^ I however will be buying it for anything Square Enix and Nintendo is a good thing.

brodels3825d ago

i think i remember reading somewhere that when ff4 was first made, the final product only had about 20% of what was actually written for the story. a lot of things had to be cut out to meet time constraints, and this ff4 remake will have a larger story due to the addition of parts of the storyline that were cut out.
i'm pretty sure i read that somewhere... kinda like how they added more backstory to the ff3 remake.

bootsielon3825d ago

Even though the DS is more powerful than PSOne

PS360WII3824d ago

While true FF8 was 4 disks. This is just one cart :(

ItsDubC3824d ago

OMFG this game needs to come out already. I want to play through the parts of the story that they left out of the original, and see what Rydia's summons look like. lol, did anyone else laugh at Cid's facial expressions?

PS360WII3824d ago

ha yea Cid is great in this one ^^