DC Universe Online Gets You Into The Holiday Spirit With Game Update 7

Game Update 7 is coming! Introducing Agent Orange!

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SoundGamer2295d ago

All of these DCUO updates are killing my HDD and I have a 320GB. It better be worth it!

iXenon2295d ago

As Criminal said below, this update is pretty lacking compared to the previous ones. A new PvP map is the only thing that will really stay in the game after X-Mas

Criminal2295d ago

Very good game, but this update is lacking compared to the others. they should have given us a raid with Agent Orange.

iXenon2295d ago

This. I'd've loved to have had a series of raids involving me and some other heroes (or villains) stealing Orange Rings for whatever reason. Agent Orange is the ONLY Orange Lantern 'cause he's so stingy. Missed opportunity on SOE's part if you ask me.

Siesser2295d ago

Considering update 6 was fairly massive and has only been out a week, I guess this is ok.